The Latest Updates on Telegram’s Stories Feature

Telegram, the popular social media platform, has recently introduced some exciting updates to its stories feature. These updates include the ability to add music and reaction stickers to stories, as well as the option to send and share media in view-once mode. Furthermore, Telegram has now extended the availability of stories to channels, although channels will require a boost from Premium users to post stories.

Previously, Telegram’s stories feature was only available for individual users. However, with the latest updates, channel admins can now post stories on their channels as well. To do so, they need to receive boosts from Telegram Premium users. Each Premium user will provide one boost that can be granted to any channel. As channels gain more boosts, they will progress to different levels, and with each level, channel admins can post an additional story per day. Users still have the ability to choose which channels they wish to see stories from.

In addition to the availability of stories for channels, Telegram has also introduced the ability to add reaction stickers and music to stories. Both users and channels can incorporate reaction stickers into their stories, and viewers can respond to them with a single tap. Adding a reaction sticker is as simple as clicking on the icon in the sticker panel and choosing an emoji from the provided options. Premium users have the privilege of adding up to 5 reaction stickers per story, while other users are limited to one reaction sticker per story.

Furthermore, users can now enhance their stories by adding music. By going to the Audio section and selecting a file, users can add a track to their story and even adjust various settings. They also have the option to keep the original audio if desired.

To provide even more flexibility and control to its users, Telegram has introduced a view-once mode for media sharing. This mode allows users to send and share media files that will be permanently deleted once opened. In this mode, viewers are unable to save the media or take screenshots. Additionally, users can switch between view-once mode and a 30-second display mode, depending on their preferences.

Telegram has also taken steps to enhance the security of its platform. Users will now receive a login alert every time they log in from a new device, providing them with greater visibility and control over their account. Additionally, users can review all the devices they are logged into by accessing the Settings and Devices section. For an added layer of security, users have the option to enable two-step verification.

Telegram’s latest updates to its stories feature have expanded its functionality and provided users with more creative options. With the ability to add music and reaction stickers, as well as the availability of stories for channels, Telegram continues to evolve as a versatile social media platform. Additionally, the introduction of view-once mode and enhanced security measures demonstrate Telegram’s commitment to user privacy and protection.

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