The Latest Update for Baldur’s Gate 3: Fixing the Frustrations

Larian has recently released a new update for Baldur’s Gate 3, and it brings some exciting changes that are sure to be well-received by the game’s dedicated fanbase. One of the most notable improvements in the update is the removal of the shared stash system introduced in Patch 3. This system caused frustration among players as companions would dump their entire inventories on the protagonist when dismissed. Fortunately, the latest patch reverts this companion behavior to the way it was before Patch 3, providing a much less aggravating RPG experience. This change will undoubtedly lead to V-Day-style celebrations throughout the forts and dungeons of Faerûn.

Have you ever felt weighed down both physically and emotionally by your companions in Baldur’s Gate 3? Many players have shared this sentiment, leading the developers to take action. Larian Studios carefully reviewed player reports and acted upon them wisely. In response to the feedback, the developers have restored companion behavior to their pre-Patch 3 state. When dismissed, companions will no longer burden players with the items they deem important. This change is a breath of fresh air, as it eliminates the frustration of resembling a toddler in a grocery store, forced to carry items against one’s will. With this update, players can now enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable RPG journey.

Delightful Transformation: His Majesty, the Cat

Aside from the fantastic companion changes, the new update also addresses a notable issue concerning the beloved feline character known as “His Majesty.” In Patch 3, His Majesty was subject to an unfortunate stylistic change that left players outraged. The update rectifies this misstep, restoring His Majesty to his original, hairless splendor. Now, players can once again relish in conversing with this pompous feline using the Speak With Animals ability. To get a glimpse of the remarkable transformation, before and after shots have been provided. It’s up to the players to choose which version they prefer, but it’s safe to say that many will rejoice in the restoration of His Majesty.

The most recent patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 is not solely focused on the shared stash system and His Majesty. In addition to these notable changes, the update also addresses various bugs, crashes, and visual issues. The development team at Larian Studios has been meticulous in their efforts to enhance the overall gameplay experience for the player. Here are some of the other improvements brought by the update:

– Fixed reaction popups that previously displayed no text descriptions of available reactions.
– Resolved a multiplayer crash that occurred when listening to dialogue after an active roll.
– Ensured that the Eavesdrop feature no longer triggers during any Character Creation session.
– Fixed a bug in the Vulkan system that caused DEVICE_LOST crashes.
– Rectified an issue where Skeletons created using Animate Dead were missing their ranged weapons, despite specializing in them.
– Corrected a display problem where the Weapon Master Feat would appear as incomplete for players already proficient with all weapons.
– Fixed a crash related to re-assigning characters in splitscreen mode.
– Resolved a visual issue with volumetric fog and materials generation.
– Eliminated the creation of invalid savegames.
– Restored Raphael’s hair color and horns, returning the House of Hope to being fashion-forward.
– Fixed a visual issue with Splint Armor for Githyanki Females, which previously caused unnecessary psychedelic visual effects.
– Shaved His Majesty, transforming him back into a Sphynx.
– Adjusted Steelclaw’s eye color, ensuring that they are no longer identical twins.
– Restored Raphael’s portraits after the hair color change, reminding players that he’s born with it, not Avernus.
– Addressed a problem where Twitch drops were not claimable on PS5.

Larian Studios continues to impress with their dedication and commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience. The latest update for Baldur’s Gate 3 showcases their responsiveness to player feedback, putting an end to frustrating mechanics and making the game more enjoyable. From the removal of the shared stash system to the restoration of His Majesty, the development team has shown their attentiveness to the community’s desires. As players dive into the world of Faerûn, they can now embark on their adventures with a renewed sense of excitement and satisfaction, knowing that Larian Studios is there, constantly striving to improve and refine the game.


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