The Joy of Cat Quest: A Delightful Action RPG for All Ages

As a parent, I am always on the lookout for games that can introduce my young son to new genres and expand his horizons. Last year, I stumbled upon Cat Quest, an adorable action RPG that turned out to be the perfect fit. With its charming art style and straightforward gameplay, Cat Quest provided hours of entertainment as my son embarked on a feline adventure, slicing through a world inhabited by hedgehogs, foxes, and yes, even dogs. And what’s even better news? The game is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store, allowing you to add it to your collection forever by simply visiting the store page before 4 pm GMT tomorrow.

My son’s fascination with fantasy stories began last year when he discovered the Beast Quest novels. With possibly hundreds of books in the series, he quickly became engrossed in the world of quests, boss monsters, and the sheer thrill of wielding a sword against formidable foes. While the presence of a captivating narrative may be secondary for him (and possibly for the authors as well, as these novels are not acclaimed literature), what truly captivated his attention was the opportunity to confront and conquer dragons. Cat Quest not only introduced him to the action RPG genre but also fulfilled his deep longing to engage in epic battles against mythical creatures.

Although I initially got Cat Quest for my son, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the game too. While the pun-filled world and the role of a silent protagonist weren’t exactly my cup of tea, the game won me over with its simple yet engaging combat system. The timing-based mechanics and combat animations created a satisfying experience as enemies telegraphed their attacks with a filling meter, allowing for strategic dodges. Additionally, the acquisition of magical abilities throughout the adventure, such as slowing down enemies, setting them ablaze, or unleashing chain lightning, added a layer of excitement and depth to the gameplay. There was a delightful rhythm to it all that kept me entertained.

While Cat Quest may not be the game I would choose over other hack-and-slash titles, it certainly offers a great opportunity to unwind and immerse oneself in the world of beast-bashing. If you’re looking to temporarily turn off your brain and engage in some mindless fun for a weekend, Cat Quest is definitely worth a try. Its straightforward gameplay and charming visuals create an enjoyable escapade for players of all ages. And if you or your kid falls in love with the game, the sequel even introduces cooperative play and more intriguing progression mechanics. Better yet, it is regularly discounted, currently priced at a mere £4.28/€4.94/$4.94 on Steam.

Cat Quest is a delightful action RPG that holds an undeniable charm for players of all ages. Whether you’re a parent looking to introduce your child to new gaming experiences or an adult seeking a lighthearted escape, this game offers a satisfying adventure filled with adorable characters, enjoyable combat, and the joy of embracing your inner warrior. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add Cat Quest to your collection while it’s available for free on the Epic Games Store. Join the quest, unleash your feline fury, and embark on a memorable journey through the enchanting world of Cat Quest.


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