The Intriguing World of Arkane Lyon’s Adaptation of Marvel’s Blade

Just last week, during the Keighleys, Arkane Lyon’s studio director Sebastien Mitton dropped a bombshell by announcing their upcoming project: a third-person action-adventure game based on Marvel’s Blade. To fuel the excitement, Mitton shared three captivating concept artworks that provide a glimpse into the game’s setting in Paris. While seemingly enigmatic, these artworks hold valuable clues about what awaits players in this supernatural world.

The first artwork showcases Blade in a dramatic pose on a rooftop, overlooking a city street filled with burning cars. As our eyes wander, a striking hotel sign on the left catches our attention, while hoverships roam the skies above, illuminating the area with their searchlights. At the end of the street, a skyscraper prominently displays the words “Couvre-Feu Sortie Interdite,” a hypnotic neon declaration translating to “Curfew No Exit.” The architectural blend of old and modern structures creates a unique ambiance, reminiscent of Dishonored’s distinct style. With Blade on a rooftop vantage point, we can expect the game to embrace vertical exploration and infiltration as core elements.

The second concept artwork introduces us to Blade at street level, discreetly peering around the corner of a graffiti-filled alley. A group of people queues outside a mysterious nightclub, capturing our curiosity. Positioned right behind Blade is a conspicuously large air duct, hinting at potential alternative entry routes. In the distance, a bouncer glances back, possibly guarding the entrance to this clandestine establishment. As our gaze follows the composition, we notice a closed shopfront in the foreground and elegant hanging tube lighting interwoven with the graffiti. This image evokes memories of the legendary dancefloor slaughter scene from the first Blade movie. Is this a secret vampire den? Or has Blade found himself expelled by the club’s bouncer after a night of daredevil stunts? His fate remains uncertain.

The third and final concept art immerses us in the environment of a metro train car, observed through the window. Blade valiantly waves his sword at a group of aggressive triangles, symbolizing stylized bats. This image raises intriguing questions. Will Blade face off against vampires possessing the exceptional powers of Dracula? Could Blade himself possess the ability to transform into a bat? These elements align seamlessly with the iconic enemies and diverse toolset seen in Dishonored, heightening our anticipation for the game’s potential.

Amidst the chaos, our attention is diverted to the vampire figures within the train car. They appear listless, apathetic, and fatigued, either slumped over their knees or disinterestedly gazing away from Blade. Are their somber demeanor and lack of energy a consequence of excessive blood consumption? Or do they reflect the jaded nature of commuters going about their mundane lives? The answers lie shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation and creating a sense of eerie anticipation.

While these concept artworks have fascinated fans, the exact details of Marvel’s Blade game remain shrouded in secrecy. What we do know is that the game is set in a quarantined section of Paris, gripped by a supernatural crisis. Vampires assert their dominance over the streets, forcing ordinary citizens to seek refuge indoors. Blade’s mission, presumably, is to restore order to the chaos and bring an end to this reign of terror.

Mitton promises an evolution of Arkane’s art style, building upon their already impactful ideas and innovative practices. Blade, with his trench coat and iconic sunglasses, embodies a slick, stylish, and driven character, perfectly suited for Arkane’s artistic vision and immersive gameplay.

For those who may have missed it, the trailer showcases the glimpses of this captivating world, transporting us into a realm where darkness and adventure intertwine.

Arkane Lyon’s adaptation of Marvel’s Blade has set the stage for a thrilling and mysterious journey through the supernatural streets of Paris. With its evocative concept artworks and promising storyline, avid fans and newcomers alike eagerly await the chance to step into Blade’s shoes and navigate the treacherous depths of this mesmerizing world. Only time will reveal the true extent of the game’s potential and the magnificent fusion of Marvel’s Blade with Arkane’s signature expertise.


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