The Intriguing Music and Dancing in Silenus Demo

The indie game Norco, known for its captivating 2D adventure and exceptional music, has left players eager for more from its developer, Geography of Robots. With the announcement of their new project, Silenus, it is evident that music and dancing will take center stage in this upcoming release. Swapping the Southern gothic vibes of Norco for a techno industrial atmosphere, Silenus promises to immerse players in an intriguing narrative set in an oil refinery operated by a mysterious organization.

Geography of Robots has released a free demo of Silenus titled the ‘Umbilical Pre-Release Demo’. This demo offers players the opportunity to delve into the world of Silenus and unlock the entire album of the soundtrack to enjoy in-game. By choosing the name ‘Umbilical’, the developers pay homage to the album of contributors Thou, who also worked on the soundtrack for Norco. This collaborative effort highlights the dedication of creatives in enhancing each other’s work, resulting in a rich and immersive experience for players.

In Silenus, players step into the shoes of Titian, the flagship android of Rubens Link, a company with a mysterious agenda that has taken control of the Gulf Flow oil refinery. As Titian, players must navigate through the refinery’s machinery, tank farms, and offices, piecing together clues from various sources to unravel the enigma behind Rubens Link’s operations. The narrative micro-adventure offers puzzles, atmospheric soundscapes, interactions with unique characters, and a deeper dive into the world of Gulf Flow Oil.

While Norco impressed players with its haunting and intricately written 2D adventure in South Louisiana, Silenus takes a different approach with its 3D visuals and techno industrial theme. Despite the shift in aesthetics, players can expect the same level of storytelling and immersive gameplay that Geography of Robots is known for. The early stages of development for Silenus leave room for anticipation, but players can still enjoy revisiting Norco while waiting for the new release.

The demo of Silenus offers a glimpse into a world filled with mystery, music, and dancing, setting the stage for a captivating gaming experience. As players navigate through the oil refinery and uncover its secrets, they will be drawn into a narrative that promises to be as immersive and enthralling as its predecessor, Norco. With Geography of Robots at the helm, Silenus looks to be a promising addition to the indie gaming scene, showcasing the developer’s creativity and innovation in storytelling.


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