The Impact of Launching Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC With Limited Access

The much-anticipated Samurai action-adventure game, Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut, is set to launch on PC this week. However, there’s a catch. The game will not be available on Steam in nearly 180 countries due to the requirement of players signing in to a PSN account for online features. This limitation has disappointed many potential players in regions where PSN accounts are not accessible.

This scenario bears a resemblance to the recent problems faced by Helldivers 2 players. The addition of ‘purchase restricted countries’ to Ghost Of Tsushima has caused frustration among gamers who have had their pre-orders auto-refunded by Steam. Despite the game being primarily a singleplayer experience, the reliance on a PSN account for online multiplayer features has created a barrier for some players.

Sony’s response to the backlash faced by Helldivers 2 was met with over 100,000 negative Steam reviews in a span of 48 hours. The decision to drop the requirement for a PSN account came after realizing the impact on players in regions where such accounts were not available. However, with Ghost Of Tsushima, Sony seems to be taking a firmer stance by communicating the necessity of a PSN account prior to the game’s release.

Implications and Expectations for Ghost Of Tsushima

As Ghost Of Tsushima gears up for its PC launch, the requirement of a PSN account has raised concerns among players. While the game’s store page on Steam clearly states the need for a PSN account for online multiplayer features, it remains to be seen how this decision will affect the overall reception of the game. Will Sony hold its ground this time, or will they reconsider the requirement based on player feedback?

The limited access to Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC due to the need for a PSN account highlights the challenges faced by players in regions where such accounts are not available. Sony’s handling of similar issues in the past sets a precedent for how they may address the current situation. As the launch date approaches, the gaming community eagerly awaits to see the impact of this decision on the game’s performance and reception on Steam.


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