The Impact of Elon Musk’s Involvement on Social Media Platform X

Elon Musk’s recent involvement with the social media platform X has caused quite a stir, with many questioning the significance of his influence on the platform. Reports have surfaced indicating that X is losing users, while another platform called Threads is gaining popularity as an alternative. Despite these external reports, X itself claims to be reaching new record highs in usage, even if its actual user count is not increasing. This raises the question of how impactful Musk’s changes and updates really are on the platform.

According to a recent report as part of the E.U. Digital Services Act, X reported serving 61.8 million logged in E.U. users and 49.6 million logged out guests as of January 2024, totaling to 111.4 million overall users in the region. This data shows a slight decrease from the previous year, with slightly more logged in users but slightly fewer logged out guests. While this indicates that X is indeed losing users, it is not experiencing a dramatic decline, and people are not abandoning the app in large numbers. However, the platform is also not seeing any significant growth, failing to meet Elon Musk’s projected goal of 600 million users by 2025.

Despite the decline in user numbers, X remains a significant platform with 250 million daily active users. Many users view X as a habitual platform, especially those involved in sports communities that are deeply intertwined with the app. These users have established connections and communities within X and are content to continue using the platform regardless of external changes or Musk’s political commentary. For advertisers looking to reach these audiences, X still holds value as a viable advertising option.

X claims to be enhancing its advertising system, which could present more opportunities for marketers looking to reach a large audience. While navigating Musk’s polarizing stances may be a challenge for some, those who are not deterred by his views or whose target audience is still active on X should consider the platform as part of their advertising strategy. Despite the slow decline in users, X’s massive audience size still offers significant potential for reaching relevant audiences.

Elon Musk’s involvement with social media platform X has brought about changes and updates that have impacted the platform’s user base. While the platform is experiencing a decline in users, it still retains a substantial audience of daily active users who view X as a habitual platform. Advertisers looking to reach these audiences should consider X as a viable advertising option, especially with the platform’s efforts to improve its ad system. Despite uncertainties surrounding Musk’s influence and the platform’s user trends, X remains an important platform for engagement and advertising opportunities.

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