The Glory Society’s Revenant Hill: A Devastating End to a Promising Game

The gaming community was left in shock and disappointment when The Glory Society, the promising new studio founded by former Night In The Woods developers Bethany Hockenberry and Scott Benson, announced the suspension of their debut game, Revenant Hill. This devastating decision came as a result of “recent serious health issues” affecting key members of the team, forcing them to step away indefinitely. The announcement was made via The Glory Society’s official Twitter account, leaving fans and supporters in disbelief.

In their official statement, The Glory Society expressed the profound impact of the health issues on the team’s ability to continue development. Being a small team, each member played multiple roles, making the loss of these key contributors even more significant. The statement highlighted the harsh reality of having to rework an entire project within strict constraints of time and budget, ultimately leading to the amicable decision to suspend operations. With these circumstances at hand, it seems that Revenant Hill’s development has come to an untimely end.

Throughout the statement, The Glory Society emphasized their cooperative nature and the importance of making decisions as a group. They prioritized the well-being of their team over the completion of the game, recognizing the significance of their members’ health and overall happiness. While this decision undoubtedly disappointed fans, it is commendable that the team prioritized their personal welfare over the pursuit of creating games.

A Personal Setback

Shortly after the initial announcement, co-founder and writer Scott Benson shared the heartbreaking news of his diagnosis with “severe heart failure.” This revelation explained the gravity of the health issues faced by the team and shed light on the personal toll it had taken on Benson himself. It was revealed that Benson had been battling this condition for the past year, and its effects had significantly limited his ability to work as before. This further cemented the severity of the situation and the immense impact it had on the team’s ability to continue game development.

Revenant Hill had been highly anticipated among fans of The Glory Society and Night In The Woods. Its art style, reminiscent of the latter, showcased a not-anthro cat protagonist named TWigs. Set in the year 1919, the game was speculated to feature farming mechanics and a narrative of building something together in a world on the brink of collapse. These glimpses into the game’s concept and potential left fans eager to explore the unique setting and characters it promised to deliver.

As The Glory Society deals with the aftermath of this devastating decision, fans can only hope for a brighter future. Perhaps, once the dust settles and the team’s health concerns are resolved, there may be an opportunity for them to reflect on what they have accomplished and the lessons they have learned together. For now, all that remains is a sense of loss and the untold story of Revenant Hill, a game that had the potential to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide.


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