The Global Rollout of Instagram’s Downloadable Reels

Instagram users around the world can now rejoice, as the platform has officially rolled out the ability to download Reels from public accounts globally. This feature was initially introduced in the United States earlier this year, allowing users to save Reels to their camera roll. However, with this latest update, users can now also share these downloaded Reels on other platforms.

Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, announced through his Broadcast channel that users can now download Reels from public accounts and save them directly to their camera roll. Any Reels downloaded using this feature will display the Instagram handle of the creator as a watermark. It’s important to note that the rollout of this feature is still ongoing, so it may take some time before it becomes available on all accounts.

Public accounts have the option to turn off the Reels download feature if they choose to do so. By disabling this feature, users will not be able to save Reels from those accounts to their galleries. However, they can still save and access Reels for later viewing by tapping the three dots on the Reel and selecting the “Save” option.

Similarly, if you have a public account and wish to turn off the default Download option for your Reels, you can do so by navigating to your Profile, then selecting “Settings and Privacy,” followed by “Sharing and Remixes,” and finally “Downloading your Reels.” From there, you can toggle off the download button.

Previously, sharing Reels from public profiles to other social media apps required users to copy and paste links into the relevant chat. However, with the latest update, Instagram Reels saved to camera rolls can now be shared directly on other social media platforms as a video file, eliminating the need for URL copying.

Instagram has made it even easier for users to enjoy and share Reels from public accounts with the global rollout of the downloadable feature. With the ability to save Reels directly to their camera rolls, users can now effortlessly share these videos on other platforms without the hassle of copying and pasting links. Whether you want to save Reels for later viewing or share them with friends on social media, Instagram’s new feature expands the possibilities for creativity and expression on the platform.

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