The Future of Xbox: A Potential Handheld Gaming Device on the Horizon

Microsoft’s Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, has been teasing the gaming community with hints about a potential Xbox handheld for quite some time now. His recent statement in an interview with IGN where he expressed, “I think we should have a handheld, too,” has sparked excitement among gamers. This statement signals the possibility of Microsoft venturing into the handheld gaming market, a move that has been rumored for a long time.

Spencer’s enthusiasm for exploring different form factors and ways to play hints at the innovative approach that Microsoft is likely to take with an Xbox handheld. His comment that “the future for us in hardware is pretty awesome” demonstrates the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unique gaming experiences to its users.

While Spencer did not reveal specific details about the potential Xbox handheld, his references to devices like the ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and Steam Deck suggest that Microsoft might be aiming to create a true handheld gaming device rather than a streaming-centric platform like the PlayStation Portal. This focus on playing games locally indicates that the Xbox handheld could offer a dedicated gaming experience without relying heavily on cloud streaming.

Considering Spencer’s previous comments about wanting a compact Xbox mode on a handheld gaming PC, it’s possible that Microsoft is working on an Xbox handheld that runs on a Windows-based system. This setup could allow the device to seamlessly integrate Xbox games and the full Xbox dashboard while providing users with the flexibility to run other gaming platforms like Steam games.

The idea of merging Xbox and Windows into a unified gaming experience is an ambitious goal that Microsoft seems to be pursuing with its potential handheld device. By running Windows at its core and disguising it as an Xbox console interface, users could enjoy a familiar gaming environment while still having access to a wide range of gaming options. This merger of Xbox and Windows could revolutionize the handheld gaming industry and provide users with a versatile gaming device.

Overall, Microsoft’s hints about an upcoming Xbox handheld have generated significant excitement and speculation within the gaming community. As the company continues to explore new form factors and ways to enhance the gaming experience, the prospect of an innovative Xbox handheld device seems more promising than ever. Gamers around the world eagerly await further announcements and details about this potential handheld device that could reshape the future of handheld gaming.


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