The Future of Wildermyth: An Uncertain Path Ahead

Wildermyth, the popular turn-based tactical RPG, has announced the end of active development with the release of its second DLC, Omenroad. The team at Worldwalker Games, the studio behind Wildermyth, has made it clear that while they will continue to provide support and address critical bugs, there will be no new content in the future. This decision marks the end of an era for both the game and the development team.

Transition into Hibernation

In an announcement made by studio co-owner Nate Austin, it was revealed that Worldwalker Games will be going into hibernation. This decision was not based on the performance of Omenroad, which has been described as “doing quite well,” but rather on the team’s completion of the Wildermyth project. Many team members will be bidding farewell as the studio takes a step back from active development.

Uncertain Future

While the announcement of hibernation may seem like the end of Worldwalker Games, Austin hints at the possibility of a return in the future. He mentioned that the team is likely to find another project to pour their passion into eventually. However, there is no clear timeline for this potential return, leaving fans uncertain about what the future holds for the studio.

Despite the success of Wildermyth and the positive reception of Omenroad, Austin has made it clear that a sequel to the game is not in the plans. After dedicating 11 years to the development of the original game, the team is looking to explore new opportunities and challenges. This decision reflects a desire for growth and innovation within the studio.

In a previous interview with PC Gamer, Austin discussed the team’s approach to finding new projects. He mentioned that they often retreat into a “metaphorical wilderness” to discover their next creative endeavor. This reflective period allows the team to explore different ideas and possibilities before committing to a new project. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is both daunting and exciting for the team at Worldwalker Games.

The future of Wildermyth and Worldwalker Games remains uncertain. With the end of active development and the transition into hibernation, fans are left wondering what the next chapter will hold for the beloved RPG. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, the team’s dedication to innovation and creativity suggests that they will continue to push the boundaries of game development in the future. Only time will tell what adventures await in the world of Wildermyth.


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