The Future of WhatsApp: New Features in Testing

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service owned by Meta, is constantly working on improving user experience by introducing new features. Two upcoming features have recently been discovered, including the ability to add an email address to the app for login purposes and the option to share polls in channels.

WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that allows users to add their email address to the app on both iOS and Android smartphones. This feature serves as an alternative method of logging in to an account, providing flexibility to users. By adding their email address, users can verify their identity, and this can be particularly useful when traveling and lacking an international roaming mobile plan.

How to Add Your Email Address

Adding your email address to your WhatsApp account is a simple process. Open WhatsApp’s settings menu and navigate to “Account.” From there, click on “Email Address” and enter your email. To ensure the email address belongs to you, verification is necessary. The email address is kept private and not visible to other users, ensuring privacy and security.

Another exciting feature currently in development for WhatsApp is the ability to share polls in channels. This feature will enhance the interactive nature of the app and engage users in discussions. However, unlike traditional polls where votes are visible, WhatsApp aims to prioritize user privacy by keeping votes anonymous. The exact mechanics of how the polls will be shared and accessed have not been detailed yet.

While these features are currently being tested and are not yet available to the general users, they are expected to be released soon. WhatsApp typically rolls out new features in beta versions of the app, allowing for testing and gathering user feedback. Once the features have been thoroughly tested and any necessary improvements made, they will be released in stable versions and become accessible to all users.

As with any new feature, users have varying opinions and expectations. Some users may find the option to add an email address for login purposes to be a welcome addition, as it provides an alternative to the traditional phone number verification method. On the other hand, some users may have concerns regarding privacy and data security when sharing their email address.

The introduction of polls in channels is predicted to be a valuable tool for engaging users and facilitating discussions. However, the decision to keep votes anonymous may also result in reduced transparency. Users who are accustomed to visible poll results might need time to adapt to this privacy-focused approach.

WhatsApp continues to innovate and enhance its messaging platform with exciting new features. The ability to add an email address for login purposes and the introduction of polls in channels demonstrate WhatsApp’s commitment to delivering a personalized and interactive user experience. As these features progress through testing, it is essential for WhatsApp to listen to user feedback and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless and secure user experience. The future of WhatsApp is promising, and users can look forward to exciting updates in the near future.

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