The Future of Remnant 2: New Modes, DLC, and Worlds

Many gamers can relate to the feeling of guilt when it comes to leaving certain characters and games behind. As I find myself drifting back to older games I’ve already completed multiple times, my recently created Remnant 2 character is dangerously close to joining the list of abandoned characters. Gunfire Games’ sci-fantasy co-op shooter has its charms, with its multiple-dimension premise and diverse procedurally generated landscapes. However, with limited hours in a day, it’s hard to resist the allure of replaying familiar favorites. But could the introduction of a new mode that caters to quick fix, story-free sessions convince players like me to give Remnant 2 another try?

In a recent interview with Exputer, Gunfire Games president David Adams discussed various aspects of Remnant, including the possibility of reintroducing Survival mode from Remnant: From The Ashes. Survival mode offered a DLC roguelike experience where players began with a Repeater Pistol and some scrap, gradually acquiring new gear and experience by completing random locations while facing increasing resistance. The question remains: will Gunfire bring back Survival mode in Remnant 2, or will they create something entirely new? Adams hinted at a desire to explore a similar game mode that scratches the same itch for players, although he emphasized their current focus on the second DLC they are developing.

One distinguishing aspect of Gunfire Games’ approach to game development is their organic decision-making process. Adams revealed that many of the additions and updates to Remnant were not necessarily part of a grand plan but rather experiments that the team believed would enhance the player experience. He cited the Aberration event, introduced in October, as an example of an unplanned update that was released for free based on the team’s desire to provide more value to players. This organic approach leaves room for exciting possibilities and surprises in the future of Remnant 2.

Expanding Existing Worlds and Beyond

The first DLC for Remnant, titled “The Awakened King,” was released in November and received a mixed user rating on Steam. Among the criticisms, some players expressed disappointment with the reuse of an existing area, Losomn, as the setting for the DLC. When questioned about the expansion of existing worlds in future Remnant 2 DLC packs, Adams confirmed that Gunfire has plans to expand the existing worlds but assured fans that it is not the only thing they have in store. While he didn’t provide specific details, Adams hinted that some of the ideas for additional Remnant 2 worlds could serve as the foundation for future games. The ability to venture through the Crystal and end up anywhere, reminiscent of the original Star Trek series, opens up a world of possibilities for future installments.

As the interview neared its end, Adams tantalizingly teased that he has several ideas in mind for the future of Remnant. However, since these ideas may materialize in future games, he could not divulge them at that time. This hint creates a sense of anticipation and curiosity among players who are eager to see how Remnant 2 will evolve and what surprises lie in store in the expansive Remnant universe.

As the article draws to a close, the author poses a question to readers: Do you have any particular games that you feel guilty about not playing? It resonates with many players who have experienced a sense of emotional obligation towards their virtual creations. The author shares their own remorse for their Starfield character, trapped in a broken simulation at the mercy of overclocked inertial forces. In comparison, their Remnant 2 character at least has the company of a loyal canine companion. It serves as a reminder that as players, we should cherish the time we have and make the most of our gaming experiences, pushing aside the guilt and exploring new adventures whenever possible.

The future of Remnant 2 holds great potential for exciting new modes, expanded worlds, and unexpected surprises. Gunfire Games’ organic approach to game development ensures that players can expect fresh content and enhancements that will continue to add value to their gaming experience. While the guilt of leaving characters in limbo may persist, it is crucial to embrace new opportunities and immerse ourselves in the ever-evolving world of Remnant 2.


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