The Future of Google’s Bard Advanced Chatbot: Will Users Have to Pay?

Google has been known for its innovative products and services, but when it comes to keeping its upcoming releases a secret, the company has not been very successful. Recently, details about the advanced version of Google’s Bard AI chatbot have been discovered, suggesting that users might have to pay to access Bard Advanced. In this article, we will analyze the implications of this finding and discuss the future of Google’s Bard Advanced chatbot.

According to developer Bedros Pamboukian, who found the information on the Google Bard website, there are references to Bard Advanced that indicate users will have a three-month trial period for free. However, after the trial period, it seems users will likely have to pay to continue using Bard Advanced. These findings have raised questions about the accessibility and affordability of the chatbot.

Although the announcement for Bard Advanced mentioned an “early 2024” release date, it is still unclear when exactly Google will roll out the advanced version of Bard. This lack of a specific launch date adds to the uncertainty surrounding the accessibility and availability of Bard Advanced for users.

Bedros Pamboukian also discovered a potential link between Bard Advanced and Google’s subscription service, Google One. The source code of Bard’s website contained a broken Google One URL, suggesting that Bard Advanced could either be included as part of a Google One subscription or be available for separate purchase. This raises questions about the pricing model and whether users will need to subscribe to Google One in order to access Bard Advanced.

The potential requirement to pay for Bard Advanced raises concerns for users who have enjoyed the free access to Google’s chatbot services in the past. If this paid model is implemented, it may limit the accessibility of the advanced features of Bard to a smaller subset of users. Additionally, it remains to be seen how Google will price Bard Advanced and whether it will offer different tiers of access to cater to different budgets and needs.

As Google continues to expand its AI capabilities, the future of its chatbot service, Bard Advanced, remains uncertain. The discovery of references to a paid trial period and a potential connection to Google One suggest that users might have to pay to access the advanced features of Bard. However, without a specific launch date and pricing information, it is still too early to determine the full extent of the impact on users. As we await further updates from Google, it is clear that the company’s approach to monetizing its AI chatbot services will have implications for both accessibility and affordability.


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