The Future of Final Fantasy 16 on PC: A Closer Look at the Optimisation Process

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida recently gave some insights into the current status of the PC port of the game. According to him, the port is in the final stages of optimisation, which suggests that a release date may not be too far off. However, he also mentioned that announcing a release date will depend on being able to provide players with detailed information about the hardware requirements needed to enjoy the game.

Hardware Requirements

Yoshida hinted that the system requirements for Final Fantasy 16 on PC are expected to be quite high. He suggested that an SSD would be essential to run the game smoothly, considering its origins as a PlayStation 5 exclusive with a high-speed SSD as default. This indicates that players with older hardware may need to upgrade in order to experience the game optimally.

One piece of good news is that Yoshida mentioned the possibility of a demo being released before the full PC launch of Final Fantasy 16. This demo would give players the chance to test their rigs and see how well the game performs on their current hardware. It remains to be seen if this demo will mirror the one released for the PS5 launch, which allowed players to experience the prologue and a later section of the game.

While a specific release date for Final Fantasy 16 on PC has not been announced yet, Yoshida assured fans that the game should be out within the next 12 months at most. He mentioned that it will not be a distant release, ruling out a timeline of one or two years. This suggests that the wait for the PC version of Final Fantasy 16 will be shorter than expected.

The upcoming release of Final Fantasy 16 on PC is eagerly anticipated by fans of the franchise. With the game currently in the final stages of optimisation, players can expect a high-quality gaming experience, albeit one that may require some hardware upgrades. The potential demo release offers a chance for players to test their systems before committing to the full game. Overall, the future of Final Fantasy 16 on PC looks promising, with producer Naoki Yoshida working hard to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.


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