The Future of Control and Alan Wake with Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind the popular supernatural shooter Control, have recently announced that they have acquired the complete rights to the game from publisher 505 Games. This move includes the upcoming sequel to Control and a co-op spin-off. The decision to take full ownership of Control comes as a strategic move by Remedy to have complete creative control over the franchise and its future development.

Control, which is turning five years old this year, has been a major success for Remedy Entertainment, with over four million copies sold to date. The upcoming sequel, Alan Wake 2, is on track to become the studio’s fastest-selling game yet. Despite the impressive sales numbers, the game has yet to turn a profit. However, the success of Alan Wake 2 and its connection to Control have inspired Remedy to invest in taking full control of the entire Control series.

Remedy Entertainment reportedly paid 505 Games a significant amount, €17 million, to acquire all publishing, distribution, marketing, and other rights to Control. This investment signifies Remedy’s commitment to the long-term growth and success of the Control franchise. The buyout covers not only the original Control game but also the confirmed sequel, Control 2, and a co-op spin-off codenamed Condor. All future Control games will now be fully owned by Remedy Entertainment.

With the acquisition of the full rights to Control, Remedy is now in a position to make strategic decisions regarding the future of the franchise. The studio has indicated that Control 2 and Condor will be published under their new banner, while the original Control will continue to be published by 505 Games until the end of 2024. This transition period allows for a smooth legal handover before all revenues from the game go directly to Remedy’s pockets.

Remedy CEO Tero Virtala has stated that both Control 2 and Condor are expected to progress to the next stages of development in the first half of the year. The studio is weighing options between self-publishing and finding a new publishing partner for these titles. The success of the Alan Wake franchise being brought under the same roof as Control has created a promising outlook for the future of both series.

Remedy Entertainment’s acquisition of the full rights to Control marks a significant milestone for the studio and the franchise. By taking ownership of their successful titles, Remedy can now steer the direction of their games with complete creative freedom. The future looks bright for Control and Alan Wake under the leadership of Remedy Entertainment.


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