The Future of AI Features in Google

Google’s new AI feature, Help Me Write, is a tool that allows users to rewrite or rephrase selected text in any text box. This feature can be accessed by right-clicking on the selected text and choosing the option to rewrite, rephrase or change the tone. While this feature seems promising, the suggestions provided may not always be to the user’s liking. It is important to note that the effectiveness of this tool may vary from user to user, and some may find themselves better writers than Google’s AI.

Google is also introducing its generative AI wallpaper system to ChromeOS, bringing the same feature found in Android to Chromebook users. This feature allows users to generate images based on specific parameters in ChromeOS’s wallpaper settings. Interestingly, users can even create these images while in a video-calling app, by accessing the menu option next to the system tray and clicking on “Create with AI”. While the background options generated by this feature may be quirky and unusual, it showcases the power of AI technology.

Magic Editor in Google Photos

Another exciting feature making its way to Chromebook Plus laptops is the Magic Editor in Google Photos. This feature, originally seen in Google’s Pixel 8 smartphones, allows users to edit photos in a unique way. By pressing Edit on a photo in the Google Photos app, users can access the Magic Editor which enables them to erase unwanted objects, move subjects to different areas of the frame, and fill in backgrounds. This feature proved to be efficient in testing, as unwanted objects were quickly erased from photos.

Gemini is a stand-alone app that offers a wide range of capabilities using AI technology. Users can ask Gemini to perform various tasks such as writing cover letters, breaking down complex topics, or seeking travel tips for specific countries. While this feature offers immense potential, it is crucial for users to double-check the results to ensure accuracy and avoid any errors. Additionally, Google is offering 12 months of free access to the Gemini Advanced model for new Chromebook Plus owners until the end of the year, providing an opportunity to explore the full potential of this AI tool.

As Google continues to innovate and integrate AI features into its products, users can expect more advancements in AI technology to enhance their experience. The introduction of Help Me Write, the generative AI wallpaper system, Magic Editor in Google Photos, and Gemini stand-alone app are just a few examples of Google’s commitment to leveraging AI for user benefit. With these features, users can explore new ways to enhance their creativity, productivity, and overall user experience. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in AI technology from Google in the near future.


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