The Fallout 4 Next Generation Update: What You Need to Know

Today, Fallout 4’s much-anticipated “next generation” update is set to go live, timed perfectly to coincide with the immense popularity of the Fallout TV show. This update is designed to bring the 2015 open-world RPG into the modern era by introducing widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, fixing issues in the Creation Kit, and implementing a range of quest updates. Players can expect to see new items added to the Creation Club, such as the Makeshift Weapon Pack, featuring an unconventional weapon like a piggy bank launcher. Additionally, a new quest called Echoes Of The Past will challenge players to prevent The Enclave from establishing a stronghold in the Commonwealth. The update will be available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and GOG, with the game also making its way to the Epic Games Store and receiving an upgrade to Steam Deck Verified status.

Despite the excitement surrounding the update, there is a potential downside for players heavily reliant on mods. There is a risk that the update may break existing Fallout 4 mods, causing compatibility issues for those who have been enjoying customized gameplay experiences. Notably, the creators of Fallout: London have decided to delay their release in order to assess the impact of the update on their mod. To address these concerns, players are advised to disable auto-updates to prevent any unexpected changes to their mod setup.

Nexus Mod community manager Pickysaurus has offered insights into how the “next generation” update could affect mods. One major concern is the compatibility of the Fallout 4 Script Extender, which is likely to be incompatible with the update upon launch. This incompatibility would temporarily disable mods that rely on F4SE. Additionally, advanced mods may require separate updates to function correctly, even if F4SE is made compatible. Changes to game hooks could also impact the functionality of certain mods, particularly those interacting with fixed quests and locations in the base game. Players are advised to wait until they are sure their favorite mods are compatible before installing the update.

To help players navigate these potential mod issues, the Nexus Mod team has prepared a guide on how to disable auto-updates across different versions of Fallout 4. For those looking to purchase the game, opting for the GOG edition and utilizing GOG Galaxy for version management is recommended. As there are no exact release timings provided for the update, players are encouraged to stay informed by checking the full changelog once it becomes available. Despite the allure of new content and features, some players, like myself, may feel less inclined to revisit Fallout 4 due to its underwhelming Boston setting and forgettable story. In such cases, exploring classic CRPGs like the original 1997 Fallout may offer a more satisfying gaming experience.

While the Fallout 4 next generation update promises exciting enhancements and additions to the game, players should exercise caution to ensure a smooth transition, especially if they heavily rely on mods for their gameplay experience. By being proactive in managing updates and staying informed about compatibility issues, players can make the most of the new content without disrupting their existing gameplay setups.


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