The Expansion of Total War: Pharaoh’s – A Closer Look

As someone who has always found geography challenging, the expansion of Total War: Pharaoh’s presents an interesting opportunity to explore new territories and enhance the overall gaming experience. The recent additions to the game promise to bring a fresh perspective to the campaign, with new factions, units, and gameplay mechanics being introduced.

The Campaign Experience

The rework of Pharaoh’s campaign experience is a significant aspect of the expansion, with new areas inspired by Mesopotamia and Aegea being added to the map. These additions not only expand the in-game world but also provide players with new challenges and strategic opportunities to explore. The Dynasty system, which introduces mortality and succession for faction leaders, adds a layer of depth to the gameplay and allows players to create legacies that will endure through the ages.

One of the highlights of the expansion is the introduction of 80 new units across four new factions, as well as tweaks to 70 reworked units for Mycenae and Troy. This influx of new content enriches the gameplay experience, offering players a wider variety of strategic options and tactics to employ in battle. The addition of Mesopotamian factions, along with the reworked units from A Total War Saga: TROY, breathes new life into the game and keeps players engaged.

Free Update

It is worth noting that the expansion of Total War: Pharaoh’s is a free update, demonstrating the developer’s commitment to improving the game and providing value to players. The decision to drop the ‘Saga’ designation for Pharaoh’s, as well as the inclusion of new content at no additional cost, reflects a positive direction for the Total War franchise. This move has been well-received by the community and showcases the continued evolution and redemption of the series.

On a personal note, I have mixed feelings about Total War: Pharaoh’s. While I respected the game for its ambition and scope, I found myself struggling to fully enjoy it due to my own limitations in geography and strategy. Looking back, I realize that my lack of attention to maps and directions has hindered my ability to fully appreciate the intricate details and nuances of games like Total War. I also acknowledge the impact of past experiences, such as memories of my geography teacher, in shaping my perspective on the importance of paying attention to such details.

The expansion of Total War: Pharaoh’s marks an exciting chapter in the franchise’s history, offering players new worlds to explore and fresh challenges to overcome. The inclusion of new units, factions, and gameplay mechanics enriches the overall experience and demonstrates the developer’s commitment to delivering quality content. As I continue to navigate the virtual landscapes of gaming, I am reminded of the importance of embracing new opportunities for growth and learning, especially when they come in the form of free updates that expand the horizons of the gaming world. Let us all raise our swords and venture forth into the unknown, ready to conquer new lands and forge our own legacies in the ever-evolving realm of Total War: Pharaoh’s.


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