The Exciting Possibilities of Spacewalking in Starfield

Being an avid fan of Starfield, my interest was mainly focused on space exploration rather than the base construction aspect of the game. However, my perspective completely changed when I stumbled upon a game-changing discovery: the ability to spacewalk using console commands. This newfound knowledge opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me as a player, and I couldn’t wait to delve into the exciting realm of zero gravity exploration.

Unlocking the Secrets

Thanks to the Reddit user, WeirdConcern4666, who shared this fantastic revelation with the community, I was able to embark on my own spacewalking adventure. To initiate this thrilling experience, the process is quite simple:
1) Step away from the cockpit controls
2) Press the tilde key to open the command console at the bottom of the screen
3) Type “player.setpos x 10” to teleport your character outside the ship and hit enter
4) Engage zero gravity by typing “setgravityscale 0” to avoid falling indefinitely in space.
Finally, press the tilde key again to close the command console and voila, you are ready to explore the vastness of space. Make sure not to forget your trusty jetpack for maneuverability purposes.

Stepping outside the confines of a spaceship unveils the sheer magnitude of the cosmos. As I ventured out into the unknown, I was astounded by the striking realization that space is truly vast and awe-inspiring. I found myself dwarfed by the immense beauty and grandeur of celestial bodies.

Moreover, I discovered a fascinating quirk while attempting my initial spacewalk. If your spacecraft is on the larger side, like mine, you may encounter invisible barriers that impede your progress. Fear not, you can overcome this obstacle by adjusting the number in the “player.setpos” command to increase the distance from your ship. This alteration allows you to escape the boundaries and explore freely.

Intrigued by the claims of WeirdConcern4666, who suggested the possibility of building on asteroids in Starfield using the game’s outpost tool, I eagerly tried it for myself. Unfortunately, my attempts fell short as I failed to replicate the achievements described. Traversing asteroids outside of a spaceship proved to be a challenge, with my character slipping through them like a specter, reminiscent of manually flying to planets. It seems that, at this stage, constructing on asteroids remains an elusive dream.

However, it is crucial to remember that the Starfield modding community is incredibly resourceful and innovative. I have no doubt that creators will soon address this limitation, enabling players to build their fortresses on the desolate rocks of the Altair system. Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future, I will have the pleasure of cultivating a homestead complete with a porch, a rocking chair, and the comforting presence of my trusty shotgun. The asteroid mines will be a backdrop to the bustling activity of my fellow Constellation crew members, tirelessly searching for valuable artifacts.

Finding Your Way Back

Now, you may wonder, how does one return to their ship after an exhilarating spacewalk? There are simple solutions. Either fast-travel using the scanner view or reload your game, and you’ll find yourself safely back on board. Keep in mind, however, that venturing into the realm of Starfield console commands comes with a trade-off: the temporary suspension of earning achievements. Nevertheless, the thrill of spacewalking more than compensates for this minor setback.

As Starfield continues to captivate players with its vast and immersive world, the ability to spacewalk adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay experience. Discovering the wonders of zero gravity exploration and the mysteries that lie beyond the confines of your spaceship opens doors to endless adventure. So, equip your jetpack, don your spacesuit, and prepare to uncover the secrets that await you in the endless expanse of Starfield’s universe.


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