The Exciting Future of Lies of P: DLC Expansion and Sequel Announced

Exciting news for fans of the Pinocchio-inspired soulslike game, Lies of P! Publisher Neowiz has recently unveiled their plans for an upcoming DLC expansion and a separate sequel. In a Director’s Letter video, game director Ji Won Choi shared some details about the highly-anticipated content and even treated fans to two captivating pieces of concept art from the in-development DLC.

The first concept art showcases a frozen laboratory, hinting at dark experiments conducted on the human citizens of Krat, transforming them into puppets. This mysterious location sparks our curiosity, leaving us to speculate on its significance for future gameplay and storylines. The second art piece sets the stage with our puppet protagonist navigating an abandoned and eerily ghostly ship, giving a subtle nod to the influence of Peter Pan.

While a specific release window for the DLC and sequel has not been announced, Choi teased an array of new updates set to arrive later this month. Lies of P has already gained global recognition by selling an impressive one million copies as of October, prompting the developers to express their gratitude to the players. In response, they released a patch that fine-tuned the balance of weapons and handles, ensuring players have more opportunities to experiment with various armaments rather than relying solely on one overpowered choice.

Like any new game or Souls-like release, Lies of P has sparked conversations about its level of difficulty. Director Choi recognizes the discourse and has taken steps to address it in the upcoming DLC. Pinocchio, the main protagonist, will now possess the Rising Dodge ability as a default skill. This powerful move will reduce the amount of damage taken when dodging, providing players with a valuable tool to overcome challenging encounters.

Aside from gameplay improvements, cosmetic updates have also been promised to enhance the overall player experience. Both the merchant Alidoro’s costume and wolf mask will be made available to all game owners as a show of gratitude. Moreover, Lies of P’s outfit menu will feature a new slot system, allowing players to separate facial accessories and headgear. This long-awaited change enables players to customize their characters further by choosing different hats and glasses to complement their desired appearance.

Neowiz is fully dedicated to meeting players’ expectations and capturing their imagination with an enchanting story. Following the success of Lies of P, the studio is actively recruiting new developers to join their team. This opportunity provides hope amidst recent layoffs across the gaming industry, offering a chance for talented individuals to contribute to this immersive gaming experience.

In addition to the DLC, Neowiz has announced plans to release the highly-requested soundtrack for Lies of P, featuring over 60 captivating tracks. This musical collection will further immerse players into the game world and evoke emotions as they embark on their heroic journey.

As Choi concludes his Director’s Letter, he expresses his unwavering commitment to delivering a compelling and unforgettable story to players. He delights in seeing fans theorize and discuss various aspects of the game while eagerly anticipating the arrival of the DLC.

For those eager to dive into the world of Lies of P, the game is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure filled with mystery, danger, and the heartwarming tale of a puppet fighting to find its humanity.


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