The Exciting Changes Coming to Fall Guys: Star Wars Skins and Platforming Physics Update

As a dedicated Fall Guys player, I am always excited to see new updates and additions to the game. The recent announcement of Star Wars skins coming to the game has sparked even more excitement among the community. The Han Solo skin riding on top of a floating Millenium Falcon is particularly adorable, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The pack also includes skins for Chewbacca, Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper, adding a fun new element to the game. These skins will be available in-game via the Fall Guys store from May 7th until the 20th, with the price yet to be announced.

In addition to the new Star Wars skins, the Fall Guys Fall Forever update is also set to launch on May 7th. This update brings some major changes to the game’s platforming physics, aiming to improve the overall gameplay experience. One of the key additions is the new Explore mode, which allows players to access an infinite number of creator-made levels. This mode not only enhances the game’s replayability but also introduces a new level of control for players. Now, players can skip to the next level in the queue if they land on one they don’t enjoy, or move immediately onto the next level once they cross the finish line.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Fall Guys has always been its unpredictable physics and the lack of control players have over their characters. The Fall Forever update aims to address these issues by tweaking the way the bean reacts to physics. Players will still ragdoll when hit by obstacles, but the frequency of unnecessary ragdolling has been reduced. This means that players will have more control over their movements and will experience less frustration during gameplay. Additionally, players will now accelerate faster, reach maximum jump height easier, and have more control when airborne. These changes are a welcome improvement for players who have struggled with the game’s physics in the past.

As someone who has been playing Fall Guys for the past six months, I have noticed the challenges that come with a live service game. Battle passes are extended unexpectedly, player counts fluctuate, and updates are sometimes unannounced. However, despite these challenges, I am hopeful that Fall Guys has a bright future ahead of it. The dedication of the development team to improving the game and listening to player feedback is evident in the recent updates, and I believe that Fall Guys will continue to evolve and grow in the coming months.

The addition of Star Wars skins and the upcoming platforming physics update are exciting developments for Fall Guys players. These changes will not only add new content to the game but also improve the overall gameplay experience. With the Fall Forever update on the horizon, I am looking forward to diving back into the bean battle royale with a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation.


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