The Evolution of Video Playback on X Platform

The latest update on the X platform brings a new feature that allows users to choose the quality of video playback while streaming content. This means that users now have more control over their viewing experience, as they can manually adjust the playback quality up to 1080p.

By tapping on the gear icon on the bottom bar of the video playback screen, users can access the new option to select their desired video quality. This update aims to ensure top-notch video playback within the app, depending on the user’s network connection. While the default setting remains on “auto” to optimize playback based on capacity, users now have the flexibility to personalize their playback quality.

In addition to the recent video quality update, X has been continuously enhancing its video playback tools. It has previously introduced optional playback speeds, picture-in-picture streaming, and improved casting to TV sets. Moreover, the platform has extended the maximum length of video uploads to 4 hours and enhanced its vertical video feed. X is also in the process of developing new live-streaming options, including game-streaming tools.

Video-First Approach

This string of updates reflects X’s new “video first” approach, prioritizing video content to increase user engagement and offer more valuable advertising opportunities. By expanding its video features, X aims to strengthen its position as a leading platform for video content consumption. The emphasis on video is a strategic move by X to cater to the evolving preferences of users and adapt to the growing demand for video-based content.

The impact of these updates on user engagement and advertising revenue remains to be seen. However, by providing more video customization options and focusing on enhancing video playback quality, X is positioning itself as a platform that is committed to delivering a premium viewing experience. As X continues to innovate and roll out new video-centric features, users can expect a more immersive and engaging video streaming experience on the platform.

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