The Evolution of Apple’s Call End Button in iOS 17

Apple’s iOS 17, the latest developer version of the operating system, has brought about some notable changes. One of the most significant modifications is the relocation of the “end call” button. In this article, we will delve into the evolution of Apple’s call end button and explore the potential impact of this user interface change.

Over the summer, Apple toyed with the idea of moving the red “end call” button to the lower right-hand corner of the screen, a departure from its traditional placement in the bottom half of the screen. This change, however, did not gain approval and was reversed in the most recent developer beta version of iOS 17. Apple developers deemed it fit to restore the button to its familiar position in the middle of the screen, vertically centered among three buttons near the bottom.

It is essential to note that the user interface change observed in the developer beta is not final. Apple’s developer and public beta release programs aim to allow software developers and early adopters to test the new iPhone operating system thoroughly. By doing so, they can identify and rectify potential bugs before the official release of iOS 17 in the fall, alongside Apple’s new iPhones.

A Revamped Call ID Function

Apple’s inclination to modify the call end button coincides with its plan to revamp its call ID function. The new feature, aptly named “contact posters,” empowers users to select the photo displayed when they call another iPhone user. These revised posters take up a significant portion of the screen during a phone call, necessitating a repositioning of the buttons to the bottom of the screen for improved user experience and accessibility.

Consistency and Apple’s Decision-Making

Apple’s decision to relocate the call end button showcases a pattern of system-wide changes. In the summer of 2021, Apple explored relocating the URL bar in Safari to the bottom of the page, making it more ergonomic for users with larger screens. However, Apple eventually reversed some of these planned changes, allowing users to move the URL bar back to its original top position. Similarly, Apple has also migrated push notifications to the bottom of the iPhone screen in recent years.

Apple’s iOS 17 developer beta version introduces a notable change in the placement of the call end button, reinstating it to the middle of the screen. This alteration aligns with Apple’s overarching goal to refine the user experience and make interactions more ergonomic for users. Although the developer beta version is subject to changes, it provides insights into Apple’s ongoing efforts to optimize their operating system. As we eagerly await the official release of iOS 17 and Apple’s new iPhones in the fall, it is evident that Apple remains committed to continually advancing and refining its products.


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