The European Commission to Fine Apple for Alleged EU Competition Law Violations

The European Commission is reportedly preparing to impose a hefty fine on Apple amounting to around 500 million euros for alleged breaches of EU competition law. This move comes after an investigation into Apple’s practices regarding third-party music services on its devices, particularly in relation to its own Apple Music service, following a formal complaint by Spotify.

Apple has been under scrutiny for its App Store rules that hinder companies like Spotify from directly billing users for subscriptions within their apps, forcing them to use Apple’s billing service that takes a significant cut. While Brussels formally charged Apple in an anti-competitive probe in 2021, the scope of the investigation was narrowed down last year. The focus then shifted towards whether Apple restricted apps from informing users about cheaper subscription alternatives outside of its native App Store, potentially violating EU competition laws.

If the fine is indeed imposed, it would be one of the most substantial financial penalties the EU has ever levied against a major technology company. This move is part of a broader crackdown by the EU, particularly targeting big tech companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Google, deemed as “gatekeepers.” The upcoming Digital Markets Act in the EU aims to address anti-competitive practices by these tech giants and grant more freedom to smaller internet firms and tech businesses.

Apple has made efforts to comply with EU regulations by announcing changes to its iOS, Safari, and the App Store in the EU. These changes include allowing software developers to distribute their apps through alternative stores and enabling third-party developers to bill customers directly. In a separate antitrust case, the European Commission is investigating Apple’s restrictions on rivals from accessing its Apple Pay mobile system, to which Apple has already made concessions.

The timing of the European Commission’s announcement on the fines is yet to be determined. However, regardless of the timeline, Apple will have the right to appeal the decision in EU courts. The reported fine on Apple highlights the increasing regulatory scrutiny faced by major tech companies in the EU and globally, signaling a shift towards more stringent enforcement of competition laws and regulatory frameworks in the tech industry.


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