The Downfall of Slay The Spire Mod: A Christmas Day Malware Attack

On Christmas day, players of the popular Slay The Spire mod, Downfall, fell victim to a malicious security breach that resulted in the distribution of malware through Steam. The developers of the mod recently revealed that the malware aimed to steal users’ passwords from various platforms such as internet browsers, Telegram, and Discord. This article dives into the details of the attack, its impact, and how affected users can protect themselves.

The Downfall mod experienced a significant security breach on December 25th, enabling hackers to exploit the Steam platform and distribute malware to unsuspecting users. The attack prompted the appearance of a deceptive “Unity library installer popup” when launching Downfall. It aimed to deceive users and gain access to their sensitive information, especially passwords.

The developers behind Downfall have highlighted the specific passwords that the malware attempted to steal. These include users’ internet browser passwords, as well as passwords for popular messaging services like Telegram and Discord. The potential impact of such breaches could be severe, as compromised passwords could lead to unauthorized access to personal accounts and private information.

Fortunately, the developers were quick to respond to the security breach, and by around 1:40pm ET (6:40pm GMT) on December 25th, they had reversed the hack. They reassured users that most antivirus programs prevented the malware from executing fully and transmitting its payload across the internet. Although the attack did not automatically cause damage, caution is still necessary.

In light of the security breach, Downfall users are advised to take immediate action to safeguard their information. The developers recommend investigating any suspicious files created by the malware while disconnected from the internet. Furthermore, it is crucial for affected users to change important passwords, especially those that do not have 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. By doing so, users can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to their accounts.

Downfall is a highly popular Slay The Spire mod cherished by numerous players. It offers new playable characters, game modes, and more to enhance the overall gaming experience. However, the Christmas day malware attack has undoubtedly shaken the trust and confidence of the Downfall community. Players must now exercise caution and remain vigilant to ensure their digital safety.

Despite the setback caused by the security breach, the developers of Downfall have not lost hope. They have already embarked on a new project called Tales & Tactics, a standalone auto-battling Chess roguelike. This endeavor signifies their determination to overcome challenges and provide the gaming community with innovative and exciting experiences.

The Christmas day security breach that affected the Downfall mod of Slay The Spire served as a wake-up call for gamers regarding the potential dangers lurking in the digital realm. It highlights the importance of taking precautions to protect personal information and reinforces the need for developers to prioritize robust security measures. By learning from such incidents and implementing stronger defenses, the gaming community can continue to enjoy their favorite mods and games without compromising their online safety.


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