The Downfall of Possibility Space: A Case Study in Studio Closure

The recent closure of Possibility Space, a studio owned by Prytania Media, has sent shockwaves through the gaming industry. Founded by Jeff Strain, a respected figure in the industry, Possibility Space was seen as a promising venture with ambitious goals. However, the sudden shutdown of the studio has raised questions about the leadership and decision-making within the company.

The closure of Possibility Space was reportedly prompted by internal leaks of sensitive information to a journalist. Jeff Strain, in a message to staff, expressed his shock at the disclosure of confidential details about the company’s projects and financial dealings. The leaks, attributed to current employees, led to a breakdown in the relationship with the studio’s publishing partner, ultimately resulting in the cancellation of a major project, Project Vonnegut. This turn of events highlights the damaging impact of internal leaks on a company’s operations and partnerships.

The handling of Possibility Space’s closure has come under scrutiny, with former employees expressing dissatisfaction with the process. The abrupt announcement of the studio’s closure, with no guarantee of severance pay, has been described as disrespectful and messy. The lack of communication and support for employees during this transition further adds to the negative perception of how the closure was managed. The closure of Crop Circle Games, another Prytania studio, earlier this year under similar circumstances only serves to compound these concerns.

The closure of Possibility Space and other studios under Prytania Media has wider implications for the gaming industry. It highlights the precarious nature of game development, where even well-established studios can face sudden closure due to internal issues and external factors. The fallout from these closures may also affect the reputation of the individuals involved, such as Jeff Strain, whose leadership has come under scrutiny in light of these events.

As former employees of Possibility Space and other affected studios look to the future, there is a sense of uncertainty and concern about finding new opportunities in an industry facing ongoing challenges. The actions of Prytania Media and its leadership have cast a shadow over the careers of those involved, raising questions about accountability and ethical practices within the gaming sector. It remains to be seen how the industry will respond to these developments and what lessons can be learned from the downfall of Possibility Space.


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