The Day Before: A Disastrous Launch and the Sudden Closure of the Zombie-Survival Shooter

Less than a week after the highly anticipated launch of The Day Before on PC, the makers of the game have announced their closure. The zombie-survival shooter had faced multiple delays, generating significant excitement and becoming the most wishlisted game on Steam. However, its release on Early Access on Steam was met with disappointment and controversy.

Prior to its launch, The Day Before faced a series of setbacks that pushed back its release date from the previous year to December 7th. The game’s development was marred by unpaid staff and even a trademark dispute that resulted in its Steam page disappearing. These issues, combined with accusations of the entire game being a scam, created a negative atmosphere around its release.

Once The Day Before finally arrived on Steam, it was met with an overwhelming number of negative reviews. Players criticized the game for not delivering on their expectations of an open-world MMO, with the experience feeling more like an extraction shooter with zombies. Furthermore, the game lacked development polish, including missing features, poor gameplay, and unsatisfactory loot.

Just four days after the release, the developers, Fntastic, made the shocking announcement of their closure. They revealed that the financial failure of The Day Before had left them unable to continue its development. The original plan was to keep the game in Early Access for around six to eight months to address bugs, improve gameplay, and add more content. However, the lack of funding prevented them from fulfilling these intentions.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Fntastic explained that all the income they received from the game was being used to pay off debts to their partners. They expressed their desire to release new patches to showcase the game’s full potential but acknowledged their current inability to do so. The studio expressed apologies to players for not meeting their expectations and admitted that developing games is an incredibly challenging endeavor.

While Fntastic’s closure marks the end of The Day Before, they assured fans that the servers for the game and their previous title, Propnight, would remain operational for the time being. However, the future of these games is uncertain, leaving players and the development team in a state of uncertainty.

Prior to the ill-fated launch of The Day Before, Fntastic gained recognition with their 2017 debut game, The Wild Eight, a cooperative survival game reminiscent of Don’t Starve. The Wild Eight managed to raise approximately $60,000 through Kickstarter, setting the stage for Fntastic’s future endeavors.

However, the studio’s subsequent games, including Dead Dozen and Radiant One, failed to replicate the success of their debut. These mixed fortunes highlight the challenges and unpredictability of the gaming industry.

The Day Before’s disastrous launch and subsequent closure have left both gamers and the development team disappointed. The game’s failure to meet expectations, coupled with financial difficulties, led to the untimely demise of Fntastic. While the servers may continue operating for now, their long-term future remains uncertain. This serves as a reminder of the harsh realities and risks faced by game developers, even those with previous successes.


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