The Controversial Decision to Make Likes Private on X

In a surprising move, X has made all Likes private in the app. This decision comes after the announcement last month and aims to better protect users’ privacy. Now, everyone will still be able to see posts they have liked, but others will not. This change is believed to give people more freedom to interact with content without fear of judgement.

X engineer Haofei Wang stated that public likes were incentivizing the wrong behavior. Many users hesitated to like certain content for fear of backlash or to maintain a certain public image. With Likes now being private, users can freely like any content without worrying about who might see it. Additionally, this will help the algorithm understand users’ interests better and display more relevant content in their feed.

X recently updated its policy on adult content, now allowing “consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior” on the app. This change opens up the possibility for adult content producers to monetize their uploads through OnlyFans-style subscriptions. By driving more traffic to OnlyFans from X profiles, the platform could potentially create partnerships with adult creators to increase usage and subscription intake.

The decision to make Likes private may also be an attempt by X to incentivize more divisive and controversial content. By removing the potential for public accountability, users may feel more comfortable engaging with posts that they would otherwise avoid. This could lead to increased engagement with questionable content, although it raises concerns about the platform’s role in exacerbating certain interests.

It is unclear whether making Likes private is a standalone decision by X or if it is a precursor to further changes. While the shift may not seem significant on its own, it could signal a strategic move towards encouraging specific types of content or behavior on the platform. As users adapt to the new privacy settings, it will be interesting to see how their interactions and engagement patterns evolve.

The decision to make Likes private on X has stirred up debate among users and observers. While the move aims to protect privacy and encourage more authentic interactions, it also raises concerns about potential implications for user behavior and platform dynamics. Only time will tell how this decision will impact the overall user experience and content ecosystem on X.

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