The Challenges Faced by QA Contractors in the Video Game Industry

The video game industry is a rapidly growing sector, with millions of players worldwide and a multitude of job opportunities. However, behind the scenes, there are often challenges faced by those who work in this industry. One such challenge is the precarious nature of employment for QA contractors, as highlighted by recent events involving Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and the QA contractors hired by BioWare.

Unionization and Layoffs

In a groundbreaking move, the QA contractors working on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf voted unanimously to become Canada’s first-ever video game industry union. However, their victory was short-lived. BioWare, the developer behind the game, decided not to renew their contract, resulting in the layoff of all 16 employees.

The QA staff, initially contracted to assist with playtesting, cited low pay and instructions to return to work in the Edmonton-based office as key factors in their decision to unionize. These grievances highlight common issues faced by QA contractors, including compensation and workplace conditions. The layoffs came as a blow to the newly formed union, as they lost their jobs due to the end of a fixed-term client contract.

In response to the layoffs, the union representing the QA contractors filed an employment standards complaint against Keywords Studios, seeking a better severance package. This mirrors the actions taken by a group of laid-off BioWare workers who are suing their ex-employer for adequate severance. Although these two cases are only indirectly related through Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, they shed light on the struggles faced by employees in the video game industry.

BioWare, the renowned game developer responsible for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, has had its fair share of challenges as well. Prior to the layoff of the QA contractors, the studio laid off approximately 50 employees, including senior developers who had been with the company since its early days. This sudden downsizing sparked controversy and led to seven former employees filing a lawsuit demanding a better severance package, further highlighting the instability and uncertainty that permeates the industry.

The layoffs of the QA contractors working on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and the subsequent legal actions underscore the precarious nature of employment in the video game industry. QA contractors face challenges such as low pay, inconsistent working conditions, and the lack of job security. While the industry continues to thrive and captivate millions of players, it is crucial to address these issues to ensure fair treatment and stability for those who contribute to its success. Only by addressing these challenges can the video game industry truly evolve into an industry that values and supports its workforce.


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