The Brazilian Supreme Court Orders Investigation after Elon Musk Criticizes Judge for Censorship

A Supreme Court judge in Brazil has taken action against billionaire Elon Musk following his criticisms of the magistrate and accusations of censorship. Judge Alexandre de Moraes has ordered an investigation into Musk after the mogul’s remarks regarding the blocking of social media accounts suspected of spreading disinformation.

Judge Moraes accused Elon Musk of the “criminal instrumentalization” of the social media platform, demanding that X (formerly known as Twitter) comply with judicial orders. Moraes warned Musk of significant fines amounting to $20,000 for each reactivated account on the platform. The judge emphasized that social networks are not exempt from the law and must adhere to legal regulations.

Over the weekend, Musk retaliated against Judge Moraes on X, calling for his resignation or impeachment. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO condemned the judge’s actions as a violation of the constitution and the people of Brazil. Musk expressed concerns about the potential financial repercussions of Moraes’ threats, stating that they could lead to the closure of his company’s office in Brazil.

Alexandre de Moraes is a polarizing figure in Brazil, with supporters viewing him as a champion of democracy and detractors criticizing his alleged autocratic tendencies. As a member of Brazil’s high court and the presiding judge of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, Moraes has been at the forefront of combating disinformation in the country. The judge has previously ordered the suspension of Twitter accounts linked to spreading false information.

Critics, including Elon Musk, have accused Judge Moraes of leading a crackdown on free speech in Brazil. Moraes’ actions, particularly against supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro, have raised concerns about censorship and political bias. Moreover, Moraes played a pivotal role in disqualifying Bolsonaro from running for office due to misinformation surrounding Brazil’s electoral system.

The ongoing dispute between Elon Musk and Judge Alexandre de Moraes underscores the complex intersection of freedom of expression, judicial authority, and political dynamics in Brazil. As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen how this confrontation will impact the broader discourse on social media regulation and democracy in the country.


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