The Anticipation Builds: Fallout: London Mod Finally Gets a Release Date

The wait is finally over! After an extensive five-year development period, Fallout: London, an impressive mod for Fallout 4, is setting its sights on a full release. This ambitious project transports players to a dystopian version of England’s capital city, diverging from the traditional North American setting of the Fallout franchise. Originally slated for a 2023 release, the mod’s development encountered unforeseen challenges, causing delays. However, fans can now mark their calendars as the release date is fast approaching.

Since its inception in early 2019, the Fallout: London team has grown substantially, encompassing over 50 core developers and over 200 contributors. This dedicated group has been painstakingly reimagining the Fallout 4 experience, transforming the game into a sprawling wasteland version of London. The mod boasts an expansive world that encompasses notable boroughs such as Camden, Croydon, Westminster, and Hackney. With famous landmarks like Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, players will have countless opportunities for exploration in this post-apocalyptic cityscape. The team’s attention to detail is evident, as they have painstakingly replicated the British environment, mirroring iconic locations like pubs, tube stations, buses, and the quintessential telephone boxes.

According to Team FOLON, the developers behind Fallout: London, the mod is already “content-complete.” This means that players can expect an immersive experience in the radiated streets of London without feeling like something is missing. The team has utilized existing assets from Fallout 4 while creating an astonishing array of new weapons, clothing, animations, and objects. Additionally, they have crafted seven unique settlements, further adding to the depth and complexity of the mod.

Despite reaching this milestone, the release of Fallout: London had to be postponed from its initial target in 2023. The developers explained that the mod’s scripting team was impacted by an undisclosed conflict-ridden region, slowing down progress. While the delay may have been disappointing for eager fans, it was a necessary step to ensure the mod’s quality. Team FOLON expressed their desire to deliver a memorable experience and avoid any launch issues that have plagued other community or industry projects.

Mark your calendars for April 24th, a date that now signifies more than just St. George’s Day. This is when players will finally be able to dive headfirst into the world of Fallout: London. The delay in release not only allowed the development team to polish and thoroughly test the mod but also coincidentally aligns with the anticipated premiere of Amazon’s Fallout TV show. This fortuitous timing ensures a heightened level of excitement among the Fallout community.

Interestingly, the developers of Fallout: London clarified that their mod will not be compatible with Bethesda’s upcoming free “next-gen” Fallout 4 update. The decision stemmed from the uncertainty surrounding the changes Bethesda might implement in their update. While disappointing for some, this choice demonstrates the team’s commitment to preserving the integrity of their vision and ensuring a seamless experience for players.

Fallout: London is more than just a mod; it is a testament to the dedication and creativity of a passionate development team. With its vast wasteland, meticulously designed assets, and unmistakable British flavor, this project promises to transport players to an entirely new Fallout experience. As the release date approaches, anticipation continues to build, and fans eagerly await embarking on this unprecedented journey through the apocalyptic streets of London. Prepare yourself for the modding event of the year – Fallout: London is finally on the horizon.


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