Sony Set to Launch PS5’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Bundle in India

Sony is preparing to release the highly anticipated PS5’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundle in India. This cross-gen package will be available from November 10 onwards, granting players access to the standard 4K Blu-ray drive-equipped PS5 and a voucher code for Activision’s upcoming marquee shooter. The introductory offer runs until November 23, during which the bundle’s price has been reduced by Rs. 10,000. After this period, the bundle will be priced at Rs. 59,390, which is the base price for any PS5 game bundle.

PlayStation has been actively ramping up its marketing efforts in India, offering various discounts on the PS5 and bundling it up with popular games like God of War Ragnarök, Spider-Man 2, EA Sports FC 24, and even Cricket 24 to coincide with the ICC World Cup. However, it is worth noting that the Modern Warfare III bundle available in the US reportedly includes the game for free with the PS5 Slim variant at a total price of $499.99. In contrast, players in India will receive the same old version of the PS5, where the game is not included for free.

In India, a PS5 disc variant costs Rs. 54,990, while the upcoming Call of Duty game is priced at Rs. 5,599 on the PlayStation Store, resulting in a total of Rs. 60,589. However, thanks to the limited-time sale, players can purchase the bundle for Rs. 49,390. It is important to consider that once the sale is over, the full price will apply.

The PS5’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundle will be available for purchase from various Indian retailers such as Amazon, Chroma, Flipkart, GamestheShop, Reliance Digital, ShopatSC, and Vijay Sales. As of now, it remains unclear when the slim version of the PS5 will arrive in India and whether it will be priced similarly to the current version. Sony has previously suggested that once the older models are sold off, only the new slim version will be made available for purchase. The slim version is approximately 30 percent smaller than the original and includes a detachable disc drive that requires an internet connection for registration and binding to the console. The internal storage has also been upgraded from 825GB to 1TB SSD. A digital PS5 slim variant is also available for $449.99, although it is more of a marketing gimmick since the Blu-ray drive can be purchased separately and installed.

In other news, Sony has announced a delay in the launch of half of the total live service games planned until March 2026, reducing the number from 12 to six titles. Sony PlayStation COO Hiroki Totoki stated during an earnings call that they are evaluating these games to ensure long-term enjoyment and popularity amongst gamers. Out of the 12 titles, six will be released by FY25, while the remaining six will be further evaluated, potentially leading to a meeting with Destiny 2 maker Bungie to review the live service portfolio.

It is also worth mentioning that the multiplayer game for The Last of Us, which was originally believed to be put on hold, is still in active development, as confirmed by its director Vinit Agarwal.

Overall, Sony’s upcoming launch of the PS5’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundle in India brings both excitement and anticipation to gamers. Despite the differences in pricing and the absence of the game being included for free, the limited-time sale provides an opportunity for players to purchase the bundle at a reduced price. Additionally, the future release plans for Sony’s games and the confirmation of ongoing development for The Last of Us multiplayer game showcase a promising future for PlayStation enthusiasts.


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