Saints Row Reboot: A Bittersweet Farewell to Volition

The 2022 reboot of Saints Row is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store. This offer comes as a bittersweet experience, considering that the game’s developer, Volition, was closed down in August. Despite this unfortunate event, acquiring the game provides players with a chance to immerse themselves in the final creation of the 30-year-old studio. By visiting the Saints Row store page, you can add the game to your account free of charge until 4 pm GMT tomorrow, the 31st of December.

This promotion is part of the Epic Games Store’s daily holiday freebies campaign. Previously, the store has given away games such as Cursed To Golf and Cat Quest, among others, as a way to spread joy during the holiday season. The opportunity to obtain the rebooted Saints Row game adds to the excitement and anticipation for players who enjoy exploring new digital experiences at no cost.

A Familiar Yet Unfulfilling Experience

Alice B’s review of Saints Row highlights the fun factor of Volition’s attempt to reboot their open-world shooter. However, the game falls short in terms of originality, making it forgettable in the long run. It is neither a true Saints Row experience nor a unique creation of its own. The lack of creative purpose behind the reboot raises questions about its existence, suggesting that it may have been developed purely for financial reasons. This disappointing conclusion leaves a longing for a world where Volition could have had the freedom to create their dream game, devoid of any constraints or obligations tied to pre-existing franchises.

The Saints Row series originated in 2006 as a game heavily inspired by the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise. This led to initial accusations of it being a mere clone. However, Volition argued that Grand Theft Auto was a genre in itself, and therefore, they were not copying but rather expanding upon it. The series truly found its own identity in Saints Row 3, where it unleashed a wave of absurdity through its characters, writing, and action setpieces, embracing a joyful silliness that set it apart from its predecessors. Saints Row 4 took this even further, ultimately pushing the series to a point of no return. Consequently, the decision to reboot the franchise came as a logical choice, considering the lack of room for further expansion.

In 2018, Volition became part of Deep Silver, a subsidiary of the Embracer Group. Unfortunately, this acquisition marked a turning point for the studio. Alongside other studio closures and a massive layoff of 900 employees, Volition fell victim to the “restructuring” process implemented by Embracer Group. The closure of the studio was a harsh reality that left fans and industry professionals alike mourning the loss of a talented development team.

The free availability of the Saints Row reboot on the Epic Games Store serves as a bitter reminder of Volition’s closure. While the game may not have achieved the desired impact, it still offers an enjoyable experience for those who appreciate the series’ unique brand of open-world chaos. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the talented developers who bring these virtual worlds to life, even in the face of unfortunate circumstances.


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