Revolutionizing TerraTech: A New Era of Survival

Payload Studios is gearing up to launch TerraTech Worlds, an early access version of their open-world vehicular survival builder. This new iteration of the popular sandbox game is not just a simple sequel, but rather a bold reimagining of the original TerraTech. According to Russ Clarke, the founder and CEO of Payload Studios, TerraTech Worlds represents a major leap forward in terms of overall quality and experience. With a new engine and fresh investment from Tencent, the team is finally able to realize the full potential of their original vision. Clarke describes it as a project that is very close to the ambitious vision they had back in 2013, but now with the capability to bring it to fruition.

One of the key advancements in TerraTech Worlds is the switch to Unreal Engine 5. This move has allowed the team to eliminate years of technical debt and push the boundaries of what is possible with Worlds. With a focus on optimizing the simulation scale, many areas that were lacking in the original game have been significantly expanded and improved. For example, mining now features terrain deformation and more intricate transportation systems, while crafting has been redesigned to support expansive base-building and automation processes. Additionally, the planets in TerraTech Worlds are now properly spherical, providing a stronger sense of location and immersion for players.

Clarke and his team have identified areas for improvement in TerraTech Worlds, particularly in terms of multiplayer functionality. The new game has been designed with co-op and PvE in mind from the beginning, offering peer-to-peer support and dedicated servers. Players can also enjoy solo and offline modes for a more tailored experience. Building on the strengths of the original TerraTech, the team has focused on making block placement more intuitive and expressive, as well as expanding customization features. While some features will be rolled out gradually during the early access period, including spray-painting, skins, multiple color choices, decals, and more, the team is committed to delivering a robust set of tools for players to express their creativity.

Looking ahead, Payload Studios has an ambitious roadmap for TerraTech Worlds during its early access phase. Players can expect narrative elements, set-piece events, interactive points of interest, boss battles, new planets and biomes, a creative mode, and aerial combat, among other features. It’s clear that the team has set a high bar for themselves, but with their passion and dedication, they are poised to deliver an exciting and engaging experience for players when TerraTech Worlds launches on March 22nd. By focusing on the essence of what made the original game special while also pushing the boundaries of innovation, Payload Studios is paving the way for a new era of survival gaming.


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