Revolutionizing Social Gameplay: Introducing Party Play in Pokémon Go

Niantic has always been at the forefront of creating immersive and interactive experiences for players. With games like “Pokemon Go” and “Monster Hunter Now,” the company has successfully brought people together through their shared love for gaming. Now, Niantic aims to further enhance the feeling of togetherness with the introduction of Party Play in “Pokemon Go.”

Unleashing the Power of Parties

Party Play is a groundbreaking feature that allows players to team up in groups of up to four and embark on various challenges together. Whether it’s catching Pokemon, spinning stops, or taking down powerful raid bosses, Party Play encourages friendly competition and cooperation among players. To initiate Party Play, simply create a party in the Trainer Profile, which generates a unique numerical code or QR code for nearby friends to join.

One of the key advantages of Party Play is the ability to earn rewards through group efforts. By setting goals such as catching a certain number of Pokemon, players can unlock valuable items like Ultra Balls or Mega Beedrill energy. The leader of the party has the freedom to choose the challenges and rewards, adding a layer of customization to the experience. Additionally, Party Play introduces a new concept called Party Power in raids, which can double the damage of the next Charged Attack. The more party members there are, the faster Party Power charges, offering a strategic advantage in challenging raids.

Conquering Legendary Foes

Party Play is particularly useful when taking on formidable opponents such as Greavard and Shadow Lugia. These powerful foes require a coordinated team effort to defeat, and Party Play ensures that players have the necessary support and firepower. With automatic raid invites for party members, players can seamlessly join forces and tackle these challenging encounters head-on.

While Party Play opens up exciting possibilities for social gameplay, there are certain practical limitations to keep in mind. To facilitate a seamless experience, all party members must be within the same physical location, preventing players from teleporting to distant locations. Additionally, Party Play sessions typically last for one hour, but Niantic is considering extending this time limit for special events, allowing for more extended periods of collaborative gameplay. Although Party Play statistics are not preserved indefinitely, players can capture memorable moments by taking photos of milestone achievements, such as the most Pokemon caught or raids defeated, and share them on social media.

Accessible to Trainers Level 15 and Above

Party Play is available to trainers who have reached at least level 15, ensuring that players have acquired the necessary skills and resources to fully participate in the feature. To celebrate the release of Party Play, Niantic is offering free Eevee shirts as avatar customization options, adding a vibrant and collectible element to the experience.

Party Play is set to revolutionize social gameplay in “Pokemon Go.” By fostering collaboration and creating new opportunities for interaction, Niantic continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in mobile gaming. Whether it’s forming lasting friendships, conquering legendary raid bosses, or competing in friendly challenges, Party Play provides a platform for players to unite and embark on unforgettable adventures together. So gather your friends, create your party, and let the journey begin!


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