Revolutionizing Data Search and Management: Secoda Raises $14 Million in Series A Funding

There is no denying the significant role that data plays in today’s business landscape. However, accessing and utilizing this data effectively can be a daunting task, especially for non-technical users. Toronto-based Secoda aims to revolutionize data search and management with its AI-powered platform. The company recently secured $14 million in a Series A funding round, bringing its total funding to $16 million. Led by Craft Ventures, the investment will enable Secoda to further develop its AI solutions and empower enterprise users to easily search, understand, and utilize their company data.

In an age where enterprise IT systems consist of numerous specialized applications, the effective functioning of organizations is heavily reliant on these interconnected systems. However, this complex arrangement often leads to a disjointed data puzzle, where information remains siloed and applications fail to communicate with one another. As a result, employees are faced with the arduous task of scouring through multiple applications or turning to data teams for answers, which diverts their attention from other essential tasks.

Secoda recognizes this knowledge access gap and seeks to address it with its all-in-one platform for data management and search. By integrating with various tools and data warehouses, Secoda creates a unified data catalog that serves as a single source of truth for company data. This integrated platform enables users to write documentation and perform searches using natural language queries through a ChatGPT-powered assistant.

Secoda’s AI-powered data copilot goes beyond providing information; it offers answers, much like Google’s search engine. By leveraging the platform, customers have experienced significant time savings for their data teams. Inbound data requests have been reduced by over 40%, onboarding times cut by 50%, and time spent on documentation decreased by 90%.

Buoyed by the recent funding, Secoda has ambitious plans for its platform. The company will strengthen its engineering team and invest in research and development to further enhance its AI capabilities. Secoda Monitoring, a forthcoming feature, will help data teams ensure the quality and accuracy of the consumed data. With a single click, users will be able to understand the impact of changes on various assets and reduce data quality errors. Moreover, integrating monitoring into discovery tools will enable companies to track the operational efficiency and costs associated with their tech stack.

Over the past year, Secoda has experienced a fivefold increase in its customer base, now managing over 100 million metadata resources. To offer a comprehensive solution, the platform currently supports 36 popular data warehouses, business intelligence tools, and productivity platforms, including Snowflake, dbt, and Looker. Moving forward, Secoda plans to expand its list of connectors in response to user demands and popularity.

Secoda’s vision is to empower users with the ability to harness the full potential of their company’s data, regardless of their technical background. By offering a user-friendly search experience akin to Google, Secoda bridges the gap between non-technical users and complex data systems. With its latest funding, the company is poised to further innovate and redefine the data search and management landscape.

As companies increasingly recognize the value of data-driven decision-making, solutions like Secoda will play a crucial role in democratizing data access and empowering organizations to make faster, more informed decisions. With Secoda’s AI-powered platform, the future of data management is brighter than ever before.


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