Revolutionary Wearable Tech Innovations Unveiled at CES 2022

With a simple nod or wink, the impossible becomes possible through the groundbreaking Naqi Neural Earbuds. This Canadian innovation, developed by Naqui Logix, features “biosensors” that detect the electrical impulses generated by your facial muscles. Zavier Alexander, the director of product management, explains that these programmable earbuds can be configured to control a wide range of connected devices, including computer mice, keyboards, and even flight simulators. The earbuds are capable of detecting four different gestures, such as eyebrow raises, eye blinks, opening and closing of the mouth, and the subtle jaw flex. Originally created to assist a paralyzed friend in playing video games, Naqui Logix is now seeking partnerships with headphone manufacturers to integrate this transformative technology into their products.

In a world where conventional eyewear seems outdated, XREAL’s augmented reality glasses are here to revolutionize our visual experience. These AR glasses, only slightly bulkier than regular spectacles, can project a movie theater-sized screen into thin air. Ralph Jodice, head of PR for XREAL, enthuses that wearing these glasses will transport you to a big-screen experience even while you’re on a flight, in a car, or on a train. With the ability to display three virtual screens suspended in space, the possibilities for productivity and entertainment are endless. Moreover, hand movement sensors enable interactive 3D applications, adding a layer of immersion to our digital interactions. The XREAL AR glasses retail between $400 and $700, depending on the model, offering a glimpse into the future of wearable multimedia.

Stephane Hersen, the visionary founder of French company Skyted, introduces the Silent Mask, a surgical mask-sized device designed to provide serenity in the midst of chaos. This sound-absorbing mask revolutionizes phone or computer conversations by ensuring secrecy, no matter the circumstances. Hersen explains that the mask effectively muffles outgoing voice signals and blocks incoming noise, granting users the ability to make confidential calls even in bustling environments like noisy offices. The Skyted Silent Mask arose from the company’s evolved perspective following the COVID-19 pandemic, where mask-wearing became ubiquitous and accepted. By merging the necessity of masks with privacy and seamless communication, Skyted offers a compelling solution for our contemporary world.

Driven by personal experience, Sean Siembab, the founder of Simstech, unveils a device that serves as a guardian against unexpected threats. Inspired by his own traumatic brain injury suffered while working as a corrections officer, Siembab developed an accessory that can warn individuals of approaching danger from behind. This wearable device contains a small camera that records the interaction, allowing users the option to send an SOS message instantly from their smartphone or smartwatch. Not only does this innovation enhance personal safety, but it also emphasizes the importance of capturing valuable evidence in critical situations. The device is set to hit the market at $199, with an additional $79 per year fee for cloud storage of recorded footage.

Shift Robotics continues to push the boundaries of mobility with their electric wheeled device called the Moonwalkers X. These innovative shoes, which fit comfortably over regular footwear, enable users to glide effortlessly without breaking a sweat. David Politis, the marketing director of Shift Robotics, clarifies that the Moonwalkers X are not roller skates; they increase speed only when the user walks, coming to a halt when walking ceases. Designed primarily for environments where extensive walking is necessary, such as warehouses, these shoes offer a boost in productivity. According to Politis, IKEA estimates that employees wearing Moonwalkers X could save nearly 400 hours annually. This promising development highlights the potential for ergonomic solutions in the workplace.

As winter sports enthusiasts eagerly wait for snowfall, a French start-up called Skwheel introduces a unique alternative: electric skis. Powered by batteries, these skates aim to provide a skiing experience on any terrain, be it snow-covered slopes or off-road trails. While some customers may enjoy using them for their daily commute, Skwheel also plans to partner with winter sports stores for summer rentals. This innovative approach not only expands the scope of skiing but also offers a thrilling adventure to skiing enthusiasts during the off-season. Skwheel’s electric skis blend technology with recreation, redefining the boundaries of outdoor activities.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has once again captured our imagination with its array of wearable tech innovations. From the Naqi Neural Earbuds that empower us to control devices with facial gestures to XREAL’s AR glasses that transport us into a virtual cinema, these advancements are reshaping our daily interactions with technology. The Skyted Silent Mask presents a discreet way to communicate in noisy surroundings, while Simstech’s device prioritizes personal safety and captures crucial evidence. Shift Robotics offers a new perspective on walking with their electric wheeled device, and Skwheel revolutionizes winter sports with their battery-powered electric skis. CES 2022 has heralded a new era of wearable tech, empowering us to embrace a future where technology seamlessly integrates into our lives, transforming the way we work, play, and connect with each other.


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