Reviving Tribes: A New Era of Agility and Competition

Tribes, the beloved first-person shooter, is making a comeback with the highly anticipated release of Tribes 3: Rivals. Developed by a former Hi-Rez subsidiary, this game aims to recapture the essence of its predecessor, Tribes Ascend, while introducing fresh elements to appease a new generation of gamers. In this article, we will explore the changes that Tribes 3 brings to the table and examine its potential for success in today’s gaming landscape.

A Shift in Monetization Strategy

One notable difference between Tribes 3 and its predecessor lies in its monetization strategy. Instead of following the free-to-play model of Tribes Ascend, Tribes 3 will be a premium game sold for $20. This decision comes as a response to past mistakes in monetizing Ascend, particularly the controversy surrounding the ability to purchase weapons. In Tribes 3, “gameplay items” will no longer be available for purchase, ensuring a fair playing field for all players. Additionally, cosmetics such as emotes and voice packs can be unlocked through gameplay rather than bought, offering players a sense of accomplishment and progression.

An Emphasis on Competitiveness

Tribes 3 aims to elevate the level of competition with its focus on matchmaking and ranked gameplay. Unlike its predecessor, this new installment will include robust networking options, allowing players to find matches that suit their skill level. The developers understand the importance of providing a fair and competitive environment for players to showcase their abilities. To facilitate this, Tribes 3 will feature a practice lobby, tutorial videos, and how-to guides, making it more accessible to newcomers and existing players alike.

The decision to revive Tribes comes at a time when fast-paced, agile shooters are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The developers believe that there is a nostalgic yearning among fans for the return of this franchise. While it is true that games like Titanfall have played a significant role in shaping the ground-averse ninja FPS genre, Tribes 3 aims to differentiate itself by staying true to its roots. Prophecy, the studio behind the game, promises that the movement, maps, weapons, classes, and art in Tribes 3 will all evoke a sense of familiarity for veterans of the series.

Tribes 3 aims to cater to both casual and competitive players with its diverse range of multiplayer options. While 5v5 playtests have been conducted, the full game will support 64-player matches, providing epic battles and intense moments of teamwork. Custom matches and modes will also be available, allowing players to tailor the experience to their preferences. Although vehicles are not yet implemented, the developers have confirmed their future inclusion to further enhance gameplay variety.

While Tribes 3 currently lacks a single-player campaign, the developers have expressed their intentions to empower the community to create their own campaigns in the future. This approach reflects the studio’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaged player base, allowing them to shape the direction of the game.

The return of Tribes with its latest installment, Tribes 3: Rivals, is an exciting prospect for fans of the franchise. With a renewed focus on competitive gameplay, a revamped monetization strategy, and a commitment to providing an engaging multiplayer experience, Tribes 3 holds promise for both new players and veterans of the series. As we eagerly await its release, it is clear that Tribes 3 aims to capture the heart and spirit of its predecessor while embracing the evolution of the fast-paced shooter genre.


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