Revealing the Long-Awaited Arrival of Vigor on PC

After years of anticipation within the gaming community, Bohemia Interactive has finally announced that their popular survival shooter game, Vigor, will be making its way to PC. Despite its initial release on Xbox back in 2018, followed by PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, PC gamers were left out of the equation. However, the long-awaited news of Vigor’s arrival on Steam has brought excitement and curiosity among players who have been eager to experience the Scandi-pocalypse world of Vigor on their beloved platform.

Vigor is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Norway during the nineties, where players find themselves in a wasteland filled with various factions of survivors known as Outlanders. These Outlanders, including the players themselves, must navigate the dangerous landscape, either solo or in teams, to scavenge for resources, engage in battles, and upgrade their shelters. The game features different modes such as Shootout deathmatches, team Elimination battles, and Loot Events, providing a variety of gameplay experiences for its audience.

Despite the game being available on consoles for over half a decade, Bohemia Interactive has decided to launch Vigor on PC through Steam’s early access program. This decision comes after numerous requests from the gaming community to bring the game to the PC platform. The transition to PC poses significant challenges for the developers, as they need to adapt the game to suit the different requirements and expectations of PC gamers. Early access on Steam is set to begin next month, allowing players to provide feedback and suggestions to improve the game before its full release.

Players interested in getting early access to Vigor on PC can purchase the Reinforcements Pack for $20, which includes bonus weapons, exclusive cosmetics, consumable items, and other incentives. Early access is expected to last for approximately three months, during which players can experience the game before it officially launches. Progress made during this period will be wiped when the game reaches version 1.0, although items purchased by players will be retained.

Bohemia Interactive has acknowledged the challenges of adapting Vigor for PC and the importance of receiving early feedback from players to refine the game. One of the most requested improvements to the game is an overhaul of the gunplay mechanics, which will be tested in the PC version during early access. The developers are committed to addressing all challenges and issues before the full free-to-play release of Vigor on PC.

The long-awaited arrival of Vigor on PC has sparked excitement among players who have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to explore the post-apocalyptic world of Norway on their computers. With new features, improvements, and challenges awaiting players in the PC version, Vigor is set to offer a unique and immersive gaming experience for both new and returning players. Stay tuned for the official release date on Steam and get ready to survive and thrive in the wasteland of Vigor.


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