Redesigning X: A Closer Look at the Latest UI Updates

X, formerly known as Twitter, is making significant changes to its user interface in an effort to streamline the user experience. These changes will involve the removal of reply, like, and re-share buttons from posts in the main feed, to be replaced with new action controls. The goal is to create a more minimalist and clean design that will ultimately enhance user interaction within the app.

The new UI will feature side-swiping post response functionality, where users can swipe right to reply, swipe left to like, and tap and hold for other actions. This interface, as previewed by Elon Musk, aims to simplify the way users engage with posts on the platform. By removing the current action buttons, Musk believes that the main feed will have a cleaner look and feel, aligning with his vision for a stripped-down display.

X initiated its move towards a more basic design last October by removing headlines and snippets from link previews, opting for a simpler image with a URL indicator. Although there were adjustments made to include headlines overlaid on the image later on, Musk continues to advocate for a more straightforward design that prioritizes aesthetics.

While the updated format has not been assigned a release date yet, it is expected to offer a more intuitive way for users to engage with the app. However, the removal of action buttons may lead to a reduction in overall user activity. A similar scenario occurred in 2020 when Twitter temporarily removed the option to retweet a post in an effort to minimize the spread of false information. This decision resulted in a 20% decrease in tweet sharing, indicating that friction in retweeting could be beneficial in curbing the dissemination of misinformation.

The redesign of X’s UI presents both challenges and opportunities for the platform. While the new interface may enhance user experience and combat misinformation, it could also impact X’s usage metrics and overall platform sentiment. It remains to be seen whether these changes will have a positive long-term effect, but users will undoubtedly need time to adapt to the new UI.

It is likely that X will gradually introduce the swipe-to-respond functionality while retaining the action buttons initially to ease the transition for users. Eventually, the in-stream options may be phased out entirely as part of the platform’s ongoing evolution. These changes signal an exciting shift in the app’s design and functionality, promising a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for all X users.

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