Reddit Experiencing Outage: Users Unable to Access Site

Recently, Reddit users have been facing frustration as the platform is currently down. A message reading, “Oops, something went wrong, please try again later” greets users attempting to access the site. This issue has been acknowledged by Reddit, with assurances that the site will be functioning again “shortly.”

According to an update on Reddit’s status page at 12:52PM ET, a problem with the platform’s backend has caused disruption for many users. By 1:14PM ET, Reddit reported that they have pinpointed the issue and are working on resolving it. The outage is said to have begun around 12:45PM ET, as shown by a significant increase in outage reports on Downdetector.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Reddit has experienced technical difficulties on the same day. Earlier in the day, around 12PM ET, the platform faced and resolved another issue. As users eagerly await the return of the beloved site, there is uncertainty as to when normal service will resume.

For the community of Reddit, including reply guys, commenters, lurkers, and posters, the outage comes as a significant inconvenience. With no clear timeline for when the site will be functional again, users are left in the dark about when they can resume their online activities. The possibility of needing to find alternative ways to occupy their time looms large if the issue persists.

It is evident that Reddit’s current outage is causing frustration and uncertainty among its user base. As one of the most popular online platforms, any disruption in service can have a ripple effect across the internet. Here’s hoping that Reddit’s technical team can swiftly resolve the issue and get the site back up and running for its loyal users. Until then, users will have to find other ways to spend their time online.


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