Ode to Tenebris Somnia – A Haunting and Visceral Gaming Experience

There are times when winding down after a grueling day doesn’t necessarily involve soothing activities. Instead, one might find themselves inexplicably drawn to the murky realms of the occult. This is exactly what happened to me when I stumbled upon the trailer for Tenebris Somnia. Created by Argentinian developers, Andrés Borghi and Tobías Rusjan of Saibot Studios, this game promises to take players on a haunting journey through the depths of horror.

In Tenebris Somnia, players assume the role of Julia, a young woman who pays a visit to her filmmaker ex-boyfriend to return the key to their old apartment. As Julia struggles to recover from the heartbreak, it becomes evident that her ex-boyfriend has not fared well either. The apartment is filled with broken glass, eerie occult books, and an anomalous red substance.

One of the game’s most intriguing aspects is its fusion of two distinct visual styles. On one side, players explore the world through the lens of an 8-bit aesthetic, with its garish colors and pixelated graphics reminiscent of classic adventure games. In this realm, players must search for and combine objects to uncover secrets and progress through the game. However, Tenebris Somnia takes an unexpected turn by interspersing live-action sequences seamlessly into the 8-bit world. This delightful amalgamation of styles evokes nostalgia for the days of FMV and adds an extra layer of immersion.

One cannot help but wonder which visual approach is more truly terrifying. Personally, the ominous 8-bit shadow lurking behind the shower curtain sends chills down my spine. The movie-like sequences, while well-executed and professionally shot, do not evoke the same level of unease. Nevertheless, the combination of the two styles creates a unique experience that is both visually captivating and chilling. The presence of nightmarish creatures throughout the game lends an air of horror reminiscent of the Hellraiser franchise.

Venturing into the world of Tenebris Somnia is not for the faint of heart. If you dare to confront your deepest fears, a demo is available for play on Steam. Prepare yourself for an immersive gameplay experience that will leave you gasping for breath and questioning the boundaries between reality and nightmare.

Tenebris Somnia is a game that defies expectations and delivers a genuinely haunting experience. With its combination of two distinct visual styles, atmospheric live-action sequences, and spine-chilling creatures, this game is sure to leave a lasting impression. Regardless of whether you find the 8-bit world or the movie-like sequences more unsettling, Tenebris Somnia invites players into a world of terror that will linger long after the game is over. Brace yourself, for the darkness awaits.


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