MultiVersus Update: Returning After Long Hiatus

After an extended absence from the gaming scene, the fighting game MultiVersus is set to make its return next week. Despite the controversial decision to remove the game from sale and shut down its servers for an extended period following the beta release, the developers are now looking to make amends. Player First Games has announced that they will allow beta players to access the first season’s premium battle pass without any additional cost. This gesture aims to compensate for the previous inconvenience caused by the game’s hiatus.

One of the most enticing rewards for players is the opportunity to unlock Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th for free, a character that was initially only available to those who purchased the premium pass. This move demonstrates the developers’ commitment to ensuring that players who have invested in the game receive adequate value for their money. Additionally, the number of “high-value” items available in both the free and premium passes has been increased, including ringouts, alternate characters, taunts, and the in-game currency Gleamium.

Players can also look forward to unlocking Adventure Time characters, such as Finn the Human and the Banana Guard, through various gameplay challenges and tutorials. These new additions add a fresh and exciting element to the game, catering to fans of the popular animated series. The inclusion of unique character skins and special edition animations adds to the overall immersive experience of MultiVersus.

Beta players are in for a treat with exclusive rewards, including a costume for Finn the Human and a special ringout animation featuring rising stars. Furthermore, players can earn additional characters and voice packs by completing specific in-game tasks and challenges. The reintroduction of the Banana Guard voice pack as an announcer option is sure to surprise and delight players who participated in the open beta.

To access these new features and rewards, players must log in to MultiVersus between the (re)launch date on May 28th and June 11th. The game promises an entertaining gameplay experience, drawing comparisons to popular titles like Smash Bros with its unique fighting mechanics. MultiVersus’ return is eagerly anticipated by fans and promises to reignite interest in the game following its extended hiatus.

Overall, the return of MultiVersus after a prolonged absence is a welcome development for fans of the genre. The developers’ efforts to compensate beta players and provide exciting new content demonstrate their commitment to delivering a rewarding gaming experience. With an array of unlockable characters, skins, and gameplay features, MultiVersus aims to captivate players and establish itself as a competitive and entertaining fighting game on the PC platform. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to experiencing the revamped MultiVersus and immersing themselves in its vibrant and engaging world.


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