Microsoft Consider Bringing Indiana Jones Game to PS5

Microsoft is reportedly considering a new multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games, including the upcoming Indiana Jones game developed by Bethesda. While the game was initially announced as an Xbox and PC exclusive, there are now indications that it may also be released on Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. This new wave of multi-platform games marks a significant shift in Microsoft’s strategy, as the company weighs the benefits of exclusivity against the potential for broader reach on rival consoles.

Although Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will launch first as an Xbox console exclusive, sources suggest that Bethesda is planning for a relatively short period of exclusivity. It is currently targeted for a release in December 2024 for Xbox and PC, with a potential release for PS5 a few months later. However, it’s important to note that these plans are subject to change, as Microsoft has not finalized its new multi-platform approach for Xbox games.

In recent months, Microsoft has been evaluating the possibility of bringing certain Xbox exclusives to rival consoles like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Games such as Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush have reportedly been under consideration for cross-platform releases. In fact, an announcement regarding Hi-Fi Rush on non-Xbox platforms is expected in the coming weeks. Additionally, datamined game assets have hinted at potential releases for PS5 and Nintendo Switch, further indicating Microsoft’s willingness to embrace multi-platform availability.

Last year, it was revealed during the FTC v. Microsoft case that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was originally planned for multiple consoles. However, after Microsoft acquired Bethesda, the exclusivity deal was amended to make it an Xbox console exclusive. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s former head of global publishing, explained that the change was motivated by the potential delays and complications involved in developing for multiple consoles. Working with a licensor like Disney also added significant time to the development schedule, necessitating the decision for exclusivity.

While the possibility of an Indiana Jones game on PS5 would certainly surprise many, it appears that Microsoft is engaged in an intense internal debate about expanding the availability of Xbox games to rival consoles. The company has seemingly settled on bringing some Xbox titles to PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but the specific details of these agreements will be critical. Microsoft must balance the desire for wider audience reach with the value of platform exclusivity.

With the upcoming release of the Indiana Jones game developed by Bethesda, Microsoft is exploring a new multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games. While the game was initially positioned as an Xbox console exclusive, there are indications that it may also launch on Sony’s PlayStation 5. This shift in strategy reflects Microsoft’s consideration of the benefits of exclusivity versus the potential reach offered by rival consoles. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft navigates the delicate balance between platform exclusivity and multi-platform availability. The devil truly lies in the details.


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