Meta Announces Massive AI Updates Across Its Applications and Devices

During the keynote speech at the annual Meta Connect conference, Mark Zuckerberg made a groundbreaking announcement. Meta, the parent company of popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, is launching a series of significant AI updates. These updates aim to integrate “state-of-the-art AI into the apps that billions of people use.”

Meta’s AI updates include a range of new experiences and features, designed to provide different AI capabilities for different functions. Some of the highlights of these updates are as follows:

One of the key updates is the beta rollout of an “advanced conversational assistant” available on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This AI assistant will also be integrated into Meta’s upcoming Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3. It will provide real-time information in the US, thanks to a search partnership with Microsoft Bing. Additionally, the assistant will offer an image generation tool powered by a new image model called Emu (Expressive Media Universe).

Meta has introduced 28 AI personalities in beta, each with unique interests and personalities. Some of these AI characters are portrayed by cultural icons and influencers such as Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, and Naomi Osaka. Meta’s press materials refer to them as a “new cast of characters – all with unique backstories.”

To empower businesses to utilize AI chatbots on Meta’s messaging services, the company has launched AI Studio. This platform enables businesses to build AI chatbots for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. It provides a powerful toolset for creating customized AI experiences tailored to meet specific business needs.

Meta is also investing in tools that promote experimentation with AI. In the coming year, they will introduce a sandbox tool for anyone to experiment with creating their own AI. This democratization of AI development aims to foster innovation and enable individuals to explore the possibilities of AI technology.

Meta’s AI updates extend to image editing as well. Soon, users will be able to leverage new AI editing tools on Instagram to edit images collaboratively with their friends. This feature, powered by Llama 2 and Meta’s new image generation model, Emu, allows text prompts to be transformed into stickers within seconds. The rollout of this feature will initially be available to select English-language users in WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories.

Meta’s AI updates also bring voice control capabilities to their devices. By simply saying “Hey Meta,” users can engage with the Meta AI assistant. This functionality allows users to spark creativity, extract information, and control their glasses effortlessly using voice commands.

Alongside these AI updates, Meta has announced the launch of their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses collection. Priced at $299 USD, these glasses will be available for pre-order starting today and will officially launch on October 17. The integration of AI technology into these smart glasses enhances their functionality and makes them a powerful tool for users.

Meta’s massive AI updates across its applications and devices signify the company’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI technology into everyday experiences. From advanced conversational assistants and chatbot platforms to AI-powered image editing and voice control, Meta aims to empower users and businesses through AI innovation. With the launch of their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, Meta is further blurring the boundaries between physical and digital realms, creating new possibilities for AI integration in our daily lives.


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