Meta Adds New Privacy Settings and Features to Threads

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, recently faced backlash from Threads users after suggesting their posts on the newly launched platform to other users on Facebook and Instagram. In an effort to address the concerns of its users, Meta has now introduced new privacy settings that allow users to opt out of having their Threads posts shared on other Meta platforms. This move aims to give users more control over the visibility of their posts and prevent unwanted sharing.

Users can now find a new category called “Suggesting posts on other apps” under the Privacy tab. Within this sub-section, they have the option to disallow Facebook or Instagram from suggesting their Threads posts. This means that users can individually unsubscribe from either platform or both if they choose to do so. The availability of this feature has already started rolling out to users on the Android app, with an update to the latest version of the application required to access it.

In addition to the new privacy settings, Threads has also introduced a couple of new features to enhance the user experience. One of these features is the Edit button, which is now available for all users. Within a five-minute window, users can edit their Threads posts as many times as they want. However, once the time limit is exceeded, no further edits are allowed. It is worth noting that the application does not provide an edit history, so users should ensure they are satisfied with their edits before the time limit expires.

Another notable feature added to Threads is the Voice Threads option. This feature allows users to share recorded voice messages as Threads posts, similar to the voice note feature available on WhatsApp. With Voice Threads, users can now add a more personal touch to their posts by expressing themselves through voice recordings. This feature is expected to enhance the overall user experience and provide a new way for users to engage with their friends and followers on Threads.

Final Thoughts

Meta’s introduction of new privacy settings and features on Threads demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing user concerns and improving the platform. By offering users the option to opt out of having their Threads posts suggested on other Meta platforms, Meta shows that it values user privacy and respects their preferences. Additionally, the enhanced editing options and the Voice Threads feature contribute to a more dynamic and interactive user experience. These updates may attract more users to Threads and promote increased engagement on the platform. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, it is essential for companies like Meta to adapt and provide users with the tools and settings they need to have a positive and personalized experience on their platforms.

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