Martin Scorsese Talks About Filmmaking, TikTok, and the Importance of Digital Communication

Even on video calls, Martin Scorsese pays attention to the details. As he settles in for an interview about his new Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, the legendary filmmaker makes sure his face is perfectly framed by the bookshelves behind him. It’s not just about vanity; Scorsese believes in taking digital communication seriously. At 81 years old, he has witnessed the transition from radio to television to film and understands the importance of visual media in every generation, including now on TikTok.

Martin Scorsese’s recent viral video on TikTok, where his daughter Francesca recorded him learning slang, caught the internet’s attention. Scorsese admits he may not be the best storyteller on TikTok, but he can certainly excel in producing a 30-second spot. The acclaimed filmmaker recognizes the power and influence of platforms like TikTok and continues to explore different ways to engage with younger audiences.

Working with his daughter Francesca as a collaborator feels effortless for Scorsese. Their dynamic is an extension of their everyday relationship, where they bounce ideas off each other without judgment or direction. According to Scorsese, Francesca has a wonderful sense of humor and is a talented actor. Their natural chemistry shines through in their videos and brings an added energy to their work.

Scorsese and Francesca plan on posting more TikTok videos in the future, although their busy schedules may limit their production. However, when interesting ideas arise during their work, such as interviews or events, they both embrace the opportunity to capture the moment. The spontaneous nature of these videos adds an authentic and disarming quality to their content, making it feel genuine and relatable.

Martin Scorsese acknowledges the role of technology in modern filmmaking and storytelling. He recognizes the rise of artificial intelligence in the industry and the potential it holds. However, he also notes the importance of maintaining a balance between new digital tools and traditional storytelling techniques. Scorsese’s passion for visual media remains constant, regardless of the medium.

Scorsese’s Super Bowl ad for Squarespace reflects his belief in the value of digital communication. The humorous spot portrays the scenario of extraterrestrials unable to capture humanity’s attention, as everyone is too engrossed in their smartphones. Scorsese highlights the need to be present in the digital world while also appreciating the art of communication.

During the interview, the topic of the Vision Pro, an advanced video-chatting device, arises. Although Scorsese doesn’t explicitly state whether he will be getting one, he shares his affinity for the iPhone while cleverly expressing his preference to keep it away from him. Scorsese’s comments add a lighthearted touch to the conversation, showcasing his sense of humor and humility.

Martin Scorsese continues to prove his relevance and adaptability to the ever-evolving landscape of visual media. From his understanding of framing shots to his exploration of platforms like TikTok, Scorsese embraces the digital age with an open mind. His Squarespace ad and collaborative TikTok videos demonstrate his ability to captivate audiences across generations. As technology continues to advance, Scorsese remains committed to effective storytelling, ensuring that the essence of the art form remains intact, regardless of the medium used.


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