LinkedIn Developing In-App Games for Increased Engagement: A Closer Look

Recently, LinkedIn has announced that they are in the process of integrating a new feature into their platform – in-app games. This move is intended to allow users to partake in puzzle games within the app, with their scores contributing to their company’s overall performance for competitive rankings. While this development may seem like a novel idea at first glance, it raises several questions about its potential impact on the overall user experience and the platform’s core mission.

According to reports, LinkedIn is currently working on three games for their in-app gaming platform: “Queens”, “Crossclimb”, and “Inference”. These games are said to be simple, puzzle-type games designed to engage users and encourage participation. The interface will display how many of a user’s connections have also played the game, as well as where their company ranks in comparison to others. This feature is aimed at fostering a sense of competition and camaraderie among users, while also potentially showcasing a company’s intellect through their gaming performance.

LinkedIn has stated that the introduction of in-app games is intended to add a layer of fun to the user experience, strengthen relationships, and facilitate conversations among users. While the exact mechanics of the gaming element have not been disclosed, it is clear that LinkedIn is exploring new avenues to enhance engagement on the platform. This move may seem somewhat unexpected for a professional networking site, but it aligns with LinkedIn’s goal of increasing user interaction and time spent on the platform.

On the surface, the addition of in-app games on LinkedIn may appear to be a strategic move to boost user engagement and attract new users. However, some critics argue that this feature could detract from the platform’s primary purpose of connecting professionals and fostering economic opportunities. The focus on gaming may shift the platform’s identity and dilute its core mission, potentially alienating users who value LinkedIn as a serious networking tool.

The introduction of in-app games on LinkedIn signifies a bold step towards diversifying the platform’s offerings and increasing user engagement. While the move may seem unconventional for a professional networking site, it reflects LinkedIn’s commitment to innovation and experimentation. As the platform continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how users respond to the new gaming feature and whether it aligns with LinkedIn’s broader mission of connecting professionals worldwide.

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