Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Sparks Controversy with Locked New Game+ Mode

The highly anticipated release of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is just around the corner, taking players on a thrilling journey to the exotic shores of Hawaii. However, an unexpected twist has left many fans disappointed. The game’s New Game+ mode, a beloved staple of both the genre and the series, is now locked behind a paywall within the more expensive Deluxe and Ultimate Editions. This controversial decision has sparked a heated debate among players and critics alike, tarnishing the otherwise impressive reputation of the upcoming title.

Revelations about the locked New Game+ mode came to light when PC Gamer discovered its existence on the Infinite Wealth website. Alongside the bonus dungeon, special sujimon, and new outfits, “New Game+” was mysteriously listed as an added feature. A vigilant Reddit user sought clarification from Sega Support, who confirmed that the official site was indeed accurate. Surprisingly, no mention of this restriction is made on the game’s Steam page, leaving potential buyers unaware of this important detail.

In addition to the disappointment surrounding the locked feature, many players are disheartened by the exorbitant prices of the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions. The base edition of the game already demands a hefty price tag of £60/€70/$70. However, to gain access to the coveted New Game+ mode, players must shell out even more money for the Deluxe Edition, priced at £75/€85/$85. For the utmost experience, the Ultimate Edition sets players back an astonishing £95/€110/$110. This pricing strategy has left many feeling exploited and frustrated, as previous Yakuza and Like A Dragon games have included New Game+ mode as part of the base edition.

Despite the controversy surrounding the locked feature and steep prices, Infinite Wealth is still shaping up to be an impressive RPG. The game offers a multitude of captivating features, with Ed being particularly impressed by its sujimon mode. Described as a superior version of Pokémon, Infinite Wealth’s sujimon mode promises to deliver a captivating experience for fans of monster-collecting games. Additionally, Dondoko Island provides an Animal Crossing-esque mini-game, adding even more depth and variety to the overall gameplay experience.

While Infinite Wealth showcases many enticing aspects, the decision to lock the New Game+ mode behind a paywall feels like a missed opportunity. This beloved feature has long been embraced by players, allowing them to dive back into the game with their progress intact, facing tougher challenges and uncovering new secrets. By making this feature exclusive to the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, the developers risk alienating a significant portion of their fanbase and tarnishing the reputation of the game.

Infinite Wealth’s choice to lock the New Game+ mode behind a paywall has ignited a backlash from players and critics alike. With the base edition already demanding a substantial investment, the additional cost for access to a feature that was once included as standard feels unfair and exploitative. While the game itself promises to be a vast and immersive RPG experience, the controversy surrounding the locked feature dampens the overall excitement. As players eagerly await the release of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the message is clear – gaming should prioritize inclusivity and fairness over profit-driven practices.


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